My previous post, Updating your status in Twitter using Twitterfeed. But now I want to share with you guys a new tool that can be use to update all your social network and blogger. Man, this tools make life more easier 🙂 allow us to use up to 20 plus Social Network. The picture shows all social network that I use to update my status from Twitter to Yahoo 360. I use this tool to increase my blog exposure to all my friend and hopefully increase my traffic. It just impossible to update and tell all all your network that you have post new entry rite. So will get all the jobe done for you.

Unlike twitterfeed, you have to type your message in and you can choose to post the link on all your network or on selected network.

Triggers System

The trigger system make it easier for you to post on different have broken down the services into  three groups; blogging, micro-blogging and status updates. 

You can control how your messages are posted as well as where. If you don’t include a trigger from below in your message, your message will be delivered as your default method. 


@s message – Posts a status update
@b title^body – Posts a blog
@m message – Posts a micro-blog 

If you are posting a blog, be sure to include the ^ seperator in your message or it won’t be delivered to your blogging services.

Lets get more traffic and click from all your social network. Don’t worry it is not spam, just updating your status 🙂