Ubuntu T shirt for sale, anybody interested ? . I am just helping a friend here.  In collaboration with the release of Ubuntu Oneieric Ocelot, so it’s the rigth time to have a black t shirt with Ubuntu logo. “Oneiric Ocelot” is the code name for Ubuntu 11.10, scheduled for release on 13 October 2011

This is a good promotion to other PC user that Linux is  easy and enjoy to use. Plus you will look super geek with Ubuntu Tshirt. Everybody will notice you. Hot  chix love geek hehe.

If you are interested please click here http://goo.gl/oBxjv to fill in the form. Cheap cheap one

Pre-booking Ubuntu T-Shirt (Oneiric Ocelot)

1. Fill out the form with full details to be contacted
2. Expect a price of RM35 (Peninsular) / RM 37 (Sabah / Sarawak)
3. Price includes courier costs.
4. Price total reservation will be notified by email for confirmation
5. Order 3 pieces and above will be get a discount
6. Fabrics of  High-Grade
7. If you have any further questions, please email to: [email protected]

HP: MAXIS-6714336//Yuzery

Width a x Length b
(Measurement in inches)
SIZE S = 16? x 23?
SIZE M = 18? x 26?
SIZE L = 20? x 27?
SIZE XL = 22? x 29?
SIZE XXL = 24? x 31?