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These are the dumbest mistakes and I’ve did some of them myself. These are not in any particular order or something.

9) Optimizing your website for a word related to your website, like Dog if you sell dog food, or business if you sell something related to business.

4) Getting backlinks, doing on page optimization and then doing keyword research, instead starting with keyword research.

3) Linking to linkspages from your homepage instead of linking to a link directory. So like page one, page two, page three and so on. When you realize your visitors don’t like it and you have to restructure your website, there’s a big chance you loose all link partners.

2) Thinking Google is bad, or they don’t like you and so you try to submit your website to search engines using a software or service to get your website indexed. It does not work so you hire someone to get it indexed… and then continue “seo”, one big mistake. Discover the problem not try to find a quick fix.

5) Trying to get a high pagerank instead of trying to master seo. Master seo, get the right knowledge and then you get high rankings not just high pagerank. Makes more sense!

6) Blocking links directory with robots file, nofollow tag or some other way. Link partners won’t link to you if they find out – some free plugins make it easy to find out. If you loose all link partners at once because the word get spreads out about your wrong doing your rankings might get a bad hit.

7) Trying to rank for a keyword which has a billion competition number. OR when you know there’s ebay, Google, CNN, MSN, etc in the number one position.

8) Relying on cpanel of your webhost for traffic stats like Awstats. Those stats are not accurate at all. Get a Google Analytics account for real traffic data.

10) Using outdated keyword research tools that provides very inaccurate data. Stay up to date, some tools get outdated, no longer are accurate. Google’s own tool is currently the best.

1) Using black hat is like playing the lottery. Little chance to win (get results) and big chance of loosing (getting banned or no results).

So there you have it, according to me those are the dumbest mistakes. These are not a silly mistake like forgetting to do meta tags on your homepage. These can make or break a rank. These are costly mistakes, you can waste a ton of money and spend a ton of time for nothing.

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Most of the mistakes have to do with you and your results. Your bottom line should also be getting results, that’s what you should be thinking of, so whenever you make any decision or change think of results it will achieve.
Metrics, knowing the results you’re going to get is very important. Do not jump from a building blindfold. The dumbest mistakes are also the most costly mistakes.

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