I would like to thanks TM Net for awarding my rebate, not much but at least it can cover monthly bill for my Streamyx Broadband.Finally, its over. 🙂

RM 57.13 or equal to USD 20 ++ , ok what !

Thanks to

  1. My wife for accidentally log in to internet
  2. TM Point Shah Alam for clarify and repost this matter
  3. TM Contaractor for fixing the TM line
  4. TM activation Center for answering my calls
  5. last but not least all my readers that might be one of TM net staff
Tips for Subscribe to Streamyx TM Net, from my experience


  1. Subscribe direct to TM Point
  2. Reject Streamyx agent that call you
  3. Choose self installation since RM 88 is too much for a few clicks
  4. There is no problem to install Vista with Streamyx
  5. Make sure you get a stable signal and no blinking, then you can make the connection
  6. If still blinking after 7 days after activation, call TM to come to fix it, its not your fault 🙂
  7. Make sure when you call, you are in front your PC or laptop because they will ask to do trouble shooting
  8. Pick suitable package for you,if you use it regularly subscribe unlimited

    but if you use Internet just to update your anti virus, check e-email or read news then just subscribe to limited for 10 hours

I just got sms yesterday from Maxis,

MaxisGift : Happy Birthday! Special gift to U from Maxis. Free 1 month unlimited data package for wireless Internet access worth RM 99! Just call 123 by 10 Jan 2008 to redeem

:), wahh so lucky , I get a free unlimited data bla bla, but wait I don’t have any Wireless Maxis Subscription mmm Clever lohh Maxis, give and take.You want me to subscribe ahh.Thanks but No thanks 🙂

No more broadband for me hehe. Streamyx Broadband is enough.