Recently I read Status of Raymond.CC Tech Blog Site , since his site has been totally silent last month. If this is your first time you ever heard about, I will introduce a little bit about, it is a popular Tech Site here in Malaysia providing tutorial, tools, free software and tips. We only know his name, no picture or profile. He like to be known for his site only and remain unknown to real world like AXXO in torrent world :).

No activity in his site makes reader wondering until he explain it yesterday. According to him, his site is suspected for hacker site by Google AdSense and Chitika, so no ad are displayed on his blog for last month. He has been blogging for the past 5 years, put all his hard work and commitment on his site. The decision by Google AdSense and Chitika nearly took away his passion for blogging. In order to keep his site running smoothly, he subscribed Dedicated Server which is costly and has to pay Admin fee. For any Blogger, I believe AdSense and Chitika are the main income and pay you good money. Its hard to find good AdSense Alternative because you have to agree that AdSense is the best PPC Network.

However he manage to get help from AdSense staff Melissa, she helped Raymond  to get AdSense team to review his site and after 2 weeks AdSense team finally decided to pull back their decision and give back Raymond his account back. As for Chitika, he is still working on it.

A lot of readers welcome him back to the blogging world, but a few were disappointed with his dilemma. They accused him for being money oriented and not sincere on helping others. Trust me, as a blogger money play an important role in keeping the site running.

Plus, he already explained that he need to pay a lot of bills, dedicated server, admin fee. Its not fair to judge him after 5 years he has been given us so much technical knowledge. What’s wrong to make money online with blogging ? Its not a sin. Its a way for reader to say thank you for his great content and hard work.

One thing you should know if you are banned from google AdSense it will be really impossible to get you account back. Raymond may earn thousand per month, the prospect of loosing his side income can affect him a lot. Lucky for him to know one of AdSense staff, Maria. Welcome back Raymond keep up your good post.

We can learn a few things from Raymond situation

  1. Its really important to read and understand the Google AdSense TOS, sometime you might cross the line without realising it.
  2. YES, you can make money online from blogging or set money as your motivation as long as you provide good valuable content for your readers

3.  Its hard to satisfy everyone, don’t let negative comment to take away your passion and earning 🙂

  1. If you use a free template, free hosting, free domain name and totally  ZERO cost to set up your blog and decided not to put advertisement. Its really your freedom of choice. But if other blogger want to make money on their free blog, then it will be great. Because in the end, it is traffic and quality content that matter.