Our secret meeting objective is to merge Show Me The Money with Tune Money , so it will become Show Me The Tune Money. Our first meeting was cancelled due to unavailability of Tune Money CEO, Tengku Zafrul.
Finally,the meeting was held on 30th July 2008 at Hush Bangsar but have to be relocated to Chilis due to security reason. Since this meeting is top secret, a few  FBI agent is spotted at Hush area.

Venue : Chilis Bangsar

Attendant : lankapo,

Tune Money CEO,CFO, Business Development Vice President and PR Manager

OK OK ..I am just kidding 🙂 ok just want to add spice to the story. Actually, Tengku Zafrul invited me to have lunch with him at Chilis, Bangsar. Thanks to Jennifer for organize this lunch. Tengku Zafrul acknowledges my contribution as Unofficial Customer Service for Tune Money  answering questions from user in my blog. As I said before this what you give you will get back.

I took the opportunity to meet him and get to know about Tune Money. A friend of mine suggest that I should bring slide or presentation of proposal to show to him. But I passed that idea, since Tengku Zafrul just want to buy me lunch, so I should enjoy it. I was quite nervous actually since I am not good with PR not that famous blogger like Kenny Sia.Usually my boss will do the talking part when we are having a meeting.So with my diary and camera, I went to Bangsar un prepared.

During lunch,we chat about football,Liverpool,Tune Money and even family. I feel like, I just met a new friend. :). Totally different character when he appeared in The Firm Season 2.

Anyway, I did suggest to him that Tune Money need to have a blog. It is the best way to get connected with your user and I did explain about keyword and SEO 🙂 too. Hopefully they will launch their blog soon since Tengku Zafrul already agree with my idea.

After having lunch, Tengku Zafrul and his Tune Money team got another meeting to attend so I have to end the “secret meeting”.Jennifer sent me back at my car.Which I have to take 20 minutes to find it walking under hot sun because I forget where I park it.After that, I drove back to my office in Shah Alam.

p/s Good news guys, Tune Money will launch Online Unit Trust soon. Another product from Tune Money.