Please read my previous post here, to get the general idea of what I am talking about.


Image(219) Good news :), finally my problem with Blinking Streamyx is completely solve. My rebate application is approved, and within a month from 23rd December 2007 Hopefully I will get my money back.

I have to check at https://tmbill.tm.net.my.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patience and understanding, as well as extend our appreciation for your continued support of TM. We wish to assure you that we are constantly improving our service and listening to customer feed back to further improve on the level of our service and customer satisfaction

Nurul Ain Mohammed Ghazali

Customer Care Support, Internet Services

Can I consider that as they admit their mistakes ,feel really sorry and they will never ever send a stupid Contractor again? hehehe. Anyway Thanks for the rebate :). Maybe one of their staff has read my blog,mmmm that’s why..hehehe