Great news from Nuffnang our Malaysian Advertiser Network has introduced a new beta systems called metered unique visitor system. What ?

It is a system where advertiser will buy an X number of unique visitors from each blog. So no more selling ad on weekly slots. Meaning that you will have 3-4 advertiser in a week that will rotate isn’t that Cool. So you can increase your income by bringing more traffic to your site.

Mmm I am thinking of list on what to do

  1. Promote my blog in INNIT
  2. Drop more in Entrecard Society
  3. Drop more comments
  4. Participate in Top Forum discussion
  5. Create great and unique Content like this one hahaha 🙂
  6. Monitor my traffic in Google Analytics and Mybloglog

mmm I thinks that enough for now, watch out Nuffnang this month you gonna pay me more hehehe

Dear Nuffnangers,

Some of you may have noticed that we have been recently beta testing a new metered unique visitor system, as opposed to our existing model of selling ads on weekly slots. Under this new system, more than one advertiser can buy an X number of unique visitors from each blog.

All the earnings earned from this new ad system is recorded under “Buffer Earnings” in the Earnings Tab and for this beta stage will be totaled up with the rest of your earnings once every week.

Here is what we hope to achieve with this new system:

1) A better distribution of ads to more bloggers.

2) Lower fatigue resulting in better click-through ratios

3) More income since we can now run multiple advertisers on a single ad unit.

This system is still under beta testing so if you have any feedback, please feel free to drop us an e-mail via our Helpdesk.

Thanks guys!

Have a great day ahead!