DUNGUN: The Education Ministry has reminded parents with children eligible for Year One to enrol them in school or face the risk of being fined or jailed.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Noh Omar said Section 29A of the Education Act 1996 stated that parents who did not enrol their children in school could be fined RM5,000 or jailed six months.

“It is compulsory for parents to ensure that their children are registered or else they have to face the music,” he said after presenting awards to UPSR high scorers at Sultan Mizan Politeknik here yesterday.

He said parents could no longer use poverty as an excuse for not enrolling their children in school because the Government had established the Poor Student Aid Fund to assist all unprivileged pupils.

He said poor parents would be given RM200 under the fund to be used for registration fees.

Noh said the Government would also increase the RM50 monthly aid currently distributed to poor students to RM70 next year.

“We are also giving free breakfasts to needy pupils. The allocation for meals has also been boosted from RM1.5mil to RM200mil annually beginning next year,” he said.

He said the Government’s aim was to ensure that pupils from poor families were not deprived of an education up to Form Five and could be high achievers despite their difficulties.

Meanwhile, Noh urged teachers to apply “exciting techniques” when teaching Science and Mathematics in English.

Siapalah yang tak nak hantar anak dia ke sekolah melainkan dihimpit kemiskinan. Kerajaan seharusnya berlembut dalam menangani masalah ini, bukannya menghukum membuta tuli ibubapa yang tidak mampu ini. Patutnya umumkan kepada mana-mana keluarga yang tak mampu laporkan kepada Jabatan Kebajikan ker dan sebagainya,untuk memudahkan saluran bantuan.