Yesterday I was quite surprise to see new mobile Adsense interface on my Blackberry. Before this I don’t usually check my Adsense earnings thru mobile browser. But lately due to increase traffic for “myeg summons traffic” to my blog I just cannot stop myself to check it every minutes. : ) .

Usually it will take some time to log in to my adsense account because Adsense will only load in “dekstop” version. You can barely see the numbers and read the data.

But last Thursday 3rd March, Adsense team unveiled new mobile Adsense interface load faster and simpler. So you can have quick access to the essentials in your Adsense account such as earnings, get important alerts and view reports (without the need for flash) on your phone.

To get this mobile version you have to opt in to the new AdSense interface on your Adsense account. However if you wish to check for more details like your certain ads placement and performance you can always switch to the dekstop version (and back) through a link on the mobile browser.

Bare in mind, this mobile interface Adsense is still in beta, so I hope more features will be make available soon. I would like to see channel data and clicks data. If you like to share your views maybe you can join Adsense Forum here.

So better bookmark this Adsense Mobile site on your mobile browser, so you can check your Adsense earning anywhere, faster and simpler.

p/s The Adsense earnings displayed on the iPhone above is not mine, but I wish it’s mine : ).