Its look like another Yahoo service will be discontinue. I remember back then, MyBlogLog will be the first widget that I installed when create a new blog. It also the first widget that display visitor picture on the widget. So you will know who visit your blog. Almost all my blog resgiter with MyBlogLog.

I love MyBlogLog because apart from the widget, you can also check the statistic of your visitor. The display is simple and easy to understand.  I think Yahoo did not done enough to upgrade and enhance MyBlogLog  service. Its really hard to see this great service go. I have been MyBlogLog member since Mar 2007. So long old friend ; (.

Now more and more blogger turn to Facebook as their source of traffic and find bigger communities. What can I say, even my daughter and father have Facebook account now.

Either you catch up with latest technology or end up like MyBlogLog.

Message from Yahoo:

MyBlogLog will no longer be in service from 24 May 2011. We recommend Yahoo! Pulse as a service for you to see all your social updates from your favorite networks in one place.

With Yahoo! Pulse, you can create your own identity on Yahoo! and you can easily connect and engage with the people, content, and applications that matter to you, wherever you are on Yahoo!.

If you have questions about these changes, please visit the Yahoo! MyBlogLog help pages.

Thank you for being part of MyBlogLog.