Guys, have you upgrade your WordPress to 2.6 aka Tyner. It is now available and name after a jazz Pianist, cool. So what to expect with this latest version, can it play piano for you 🙂

Alfred McCoy Tyner (born 11 December 1938) is a jazz pianist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, known for his work with the John Coltrane Quartet and a long solo career.


You can watch the video to see more details explained by Matt on this Tyner version. For your info, this 2.6 version fixes approximately 104 bugs. Wow so many bugs. Actually, the main reason I upgrade to version 2.6 is because my WordPress was down for two days last weekend due to WordPress 2.5 bugs. I cannot access to my index file and all my entry was missing. Thanks to my hosting customer service, Serverfreak taiko aka Sam Lee for saving my blog.Within 24 hours and not mentioning on Sunday, he manage to restore back my blog. So remember to back up your blog regularly.

What I like the most about this version is the ability to upgrade your plugin online without hassle.You don’t have to download the update plugin and upload it back on to you server. Just one click, upgrade automatically, and fill in your FTP details and password, that’s all.Plus, you can preview your theme with existing entry before making a switch over publicly.

One major update is the introduction of GEARS.It is an browser extension that can speed up your WordPress loading.

Gears is an open source browser extension project started by Google that developers like us can use to give you features we wouldn’t normally be able to. There are a lot of things we can do with Gears in the future, but in this release we’ve stuck to using what’s called a “Local Server” to cache or keep a copy of commonly-used Javascript and CSS files on your computer, which can speed up the loading of some pages by several seconds (they just pop right up!)

So what are you waiting for, if you want to know more details about WordPress 2.6 upgrade

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