Thank you Google Inc for the money. It took me 12 month to reach my first 100 dollar. :). After reading a lot of forum and e-book, maybe I can shorten that.

I didn’t realize the payment was ready until one blogger asked me about my payment. When I checked may payment history, the money has been bank in to Western Union Quick Cash on 23rd June. I thought it was going to be next month.

Anyway, the funny thing was, I wrote my wife name as the authorised user. Meaning I cannot cash it out, so I have to ask my wife to do it. You know, she was really excited since a lot of people still have no idea how to make money online especially using blog here in Malaysia.So you know she can bragg about it :). (Actually, when I put her name, I did not think that one day I could make it to 100 dollar mark, so that is why ) But anyway, I put her name because I love her , rite sayang 🙂

She went to RHB bank near her office. The Bank staff there was so nice and entertain her and told her that many people come here to take money from Google through Western Union but they never asked . So since there were nobody else around, the staff asked her about how she got the money. My wife simply answered “BLOG” hehe.

The process is so easy and simple. Just bring your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and valid ID. Fill in the form. That’s all. Please remember the amount of your payment and your sender information, which is Google Inc. Who else 🙂

Thank you Google for this great service. I will work harder,optimized my Adsense AD,improve my ranking and SEO.