The story begins when Maxis charged me for RM 82 for using their 3G service last month.

So I immediately called their Customer Service (CS) to check  and verify. Because as far as I remember I only connected to Wi-Fi in the office or in my house. Occasionally I will use free Wi-Fi service at any Mamak Stall or Hypermarket.

The CS guy told me that he will check it out. In the mean time I got this idea to ask about unlimited 3G service that Maxis provide. So I can surf internet using my Nokia N95 and pay fixed amount monthly and I would not get billed for unintentionally using Maxis 3G streaming data.The CS guy told me that I need to dial this number, ok then no problem.

Before I called, I surfed on Maxis website to search for how to subscribe to 3G unlimited service package. But fail, there is no information on that.

I called the Maxis CS for 3G service, but instead of answering my simple question the guy told that me that I have dialled the wrong number. He is in charged for Maxis broadband and bla bla and give me another number to call.

Feeling unsatisfied, I called the number that he gave me, but still with same answer. This stupid guy answer was, I dialled  the wrong service number. He told me to called the other guy back. Seriously, are you guys that STUPID!.  You guys just cannot answer my plain stupid question.

I just want to know how to subscribe that’s all. I admit that I am a little bit confuse with Maxis Broadband and Unlimited Service, but can’t you guys just explained it to me. Rather than asked me to call again and again. Wasting my time and money.

To make matter worse, the first guy that I called, called me at nearly 1 a.m to confirm that I have use their 3g service. Can’t you guys just wait till tomorrow morning. Luckily, I was awake surfing internet, if was asleep. Seriously I will maki kaw2.

It’s not about the money, for me Customer Service is important. I have been  Maxis loyal user  nearly for  10 years. Since I was student and use prepaid. Now  I use Post-paid even  add my wife as supplementary line. I am thinking about changing my telco service to Celcom. Because Maxis CS suck !