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When talking about money , blogger is willing to do anything including buying a stolen next generation iPhone. You know what I am talking about, Gizmodo the popular gadget website just create a big iPhone BUZZ on the internet. But ,  I will not discuss about iPhone since I am not using one 🙂 . I want to write about another way of making money online called YOUTHSAY. What is YouthSays ? is a REWARDS platform for youths. Members of consist of youths (aged 15 – 35) from all over the Southeast Asia region. Membership is FREE & currently open to youths from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.

  • Source of Income and Why ?

    Every year, businesses spend a lot of money on research, advertising, and organizing activities to gain support from youths. Through, youths can support businesses directly in research, advertising and organizing activities. This saves money for the businesses, which are then passed on to youths in form of cash, prizes and enriching experiences.

  • How do youths get rewarded?

    Youths get rewarded by participating in opportunities such as:

    1. Online Surveys – Answer simple online survey. Big company who create products and services for youths rely on their opinions, feedback and advice to help them do what’s best for their young consumers. When youths take online surveys they get rewarded for sharing their feedback directly with the businesses. Youths are highly encouraged to be honest with their answers as these answers will be used to shape or modify the products or services which will affect the youths in the end. Have a look!
    2. Online Advertising – What youths tell their friends is the most powerful form of advertising and businesses need this. Through, businesses can get advertising support directly from youths. In return, youths who provide this support get rewarded. Youths can choose to spread cool events, news or promotions and get paid in cash or prizes. Youths can also choose to support social campaigns by sharing with their friends and make a huge difference! Have a look!
    3. Campus – Businesses who want to connect with students in campuses are willing to sponsor their events or even pay students to help them in their promotion campaigns. helps students get sponsors for their events in campus, or provide student ambassador opportunities with the most exciting brands. Have a look!
    4. Community – Youths get the opportunity to meet other youths from across their country! enables youths to ask questions and give answers to one another. Have a look!

    WELL,  this is another way for youth like me to make money online. They have a lot of survey. The survey will be based on certain criteria like what do you like to buy, your spending habit and hobby. So don’t worry the question will not involve calculus or science. It will be simple questions and take about 10 – 15 minutes.For the online advertising, user will be provided with banner, link and article to promote the product. You can promote thru twitter, Facebook and email.

  • PLEASE Don’t spam your friend to get clicked. You will not earn money but loss your online friend as they will flag you as spammer. Just put in your email or forum signature , that would be nice.
  • Payment thereshold is RM 100. They wil pay you using cheque only.
  • Another method is to promote youth organisationSo if you a YOUTH like me :), (aged 15-35) you might want to check this out. Good Luck!