Its been  a while since I have not written a single post in this blog, not that I quit to write hehe. But I am still  looking to write something interesting and fascinating for all my readers.I think maybe the long weekend, new born baby,Raya Qurban and I don’t know, mind block maybe, has distracted me for writing. My mind is like a blank book ๐Ÿ™‚


So,I just browse thru other people blog to get some idea. I did a  brainstorm also but still I cant type and express it in words. It has ben a lot that  coming thru, incoming nuffnang ads, how to increase traffic to how to write a good comments.

But I have found all of the subject in a lot of making money online blogs. I just want to be original so that I can attach with all my readers. What is the point if I just repeating the same point and argument.Currently, there are a lot of potential traffic that come from my Entrecard all over the world.But the pattern is that, they jut want to earn extra credit :). Just drop a card, not a quality traffic some might say.

So how to get in touch with my readers ? To get them drop some comment or just a simple hi.I usually find a free copyright article and paste it in my blog  when I got stuck.But I noticed that , readers will only read the title for this kind of article.So I think to myself that I need to be more human and be original. Readers will appreciate what’s come from your heart rather than reading a text book.


A few of famous blogger that I usually visit has their unique style, some mix with English and Chinese like 5xmom.She write, express her thoughts and sometime swearing, still a lot of readers come back to his blog. One of top earner in Nuffnang and Google Adsense. You can read her blog to see how much she earned. My friend Hor*ny, has a very unique way to write in his blog. He write more about sex in his own way. His unknown identity remain mystery since all of his colleague and his girlfriend don’t have any idea that he has a blog :). Still he has a decent traffic even you have to read his post carefully since the spelling is mix up and a lot of cover up. The point here is, reader will love to read your blog if you are sincere, original and make people laugh. Do you agree with me?

Later, I found out this site Slyvision, telling me what to do when my mind is not working ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Find a great story you found on Digg and write about it.
  2. Post videos relative to your site.
  3. Write a post made especially for linking to other sites (like my โ€œQuick Linksโ€ for example).
  4. Write a review of another site that you like.
  5. Post a โ€œQuestion to the readersโ€ article.
  6. Add sites that you like on your blogroll.
  7. Go back to your old posts and edit them for good SEO.
  8. Blog about youโ€™re successes in blogging so far.
  9. Write a paid-post from services like PayPerPost and ReviewMe.
  10. Brainstorm what youโ€™re going to blog about for the next few days.