She host a contest last month. You post in a blog, comment and subscribe and you will earn up to 5 entry. The price is a brand new iPhone. WOW ! of course everybody will grab this opportunity, including me.

and the winner is….jeng jeng “Ray Mash”

  • with one entry,subscribe her RSS feed
  • don’t want to expose himself, no e-mail,no blog 🙂
  • just one comment

COME ON, my grand mother can do better than this. If you don’t have the money, please offer something else. Just don’t offer something extravaganza item and lastly create a GHOST to receive the price. I have entered a lot of online contest, in fact I even host my own contest worth not much USD 15. Just be sincere to your reader and don’t treat your reader like they are STUPID

OK, I know that you are reading this to know if you have won the iPhone or not…. ok I got it and yes we have a winner, but before I tell you the name I really want to say that if I could give an iPhone for each of you, I would do that. You all deserve it, you all deserve this great present for your truly contributing in this contest. But unfortunately, I can only give one iPhone and it goes to “Ray Mash”… yes Ray congratulation you are the winner of the iPhone.

I postponed the publishing of this post a few hours after the deadline because I wanted to get his approval on publishing his full name and e-mail, he only approved publishing his name but not the e-mail address. Anyway, Ray has no blog and he didn’t post a comment on the specified article, he has only subscribed to the RSS feed by e-mail a few days ago. In other words, he had only one entry ticket and he won!!!! what a luck man I know that a lot of you had more than three entry tickets, even there is someone who had ten entry tickets… but they didn’t make it, sorry for that guys.. but you know its all about luck.