This entry is specifically for Ahmad as he is unable to reload his Tune Card using PFX online. Or it might help other user that fail to load to PFX online for Tune Money reload.

Please DISABLE all POP-UP-BLOCKERS to ensure transaction goes through successfully.

If you have a pop-up blocker enabled, you are advised to perform the following steps to avoid difficulties during payment process:

  1. Go to Tools >> Option >> Exception (Please click to enlarge)
  1. Add the internet banking sites to the Allowed sites as per following :
  1. After successfully follow the above step, then you can proceed to reload thru PFX.

On online PFX page. Tick at he appropriate box and click proceed

  1. Wait for 60 seconds, as Tune Money will forward you to your preselected bank
  1. Walla Now , you can enter your Id login and password.Just make sure you have enough balance to reload ok.Good LUCK


to Ahmad, hope you successfully reload online.