I know a lot of you must have a lot of blogs especially those who like to make money online using Google Adsense . Entrecard is a best way to get exposure and to increase traffic, but to have multiple email login id for multiple Entrecard accounts is so irritating. So what do we do ?


Get a Gmail account..that simple

Did you know that if your email is lankapo79[@]gmail.com

l.ankapo79[@]gmail.com la.nkapo79[@]gmail.com lan.kapo79[@]gmail.com
lank.apo79[@]gmail.com lanka.po79[@]gmail.com lankapo.79[@]gmail.com
lankapo7.9[@]gmail.com l.a.n.k.a.p.o.7.9[@]gmail.com lan.kapo.79[@]gmail.com

All of the above with multiple dots and single dots will be treat as lankapo79[@]gmail.com :).


Now you can have multiple entrecard account with just one Gmail account