Hi to all my readers,

raya raya2

Image by lankapo via Flickr

I just got back from my kampung after celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri for about a week.Filling my tummy with all kind of kueh raya, ketupat and lemang after fasting for one whole month. Now I am back at the office,  still in Raya mode off course. Maybe next week I will be fully ready for work hehe.

Well, after spending a lot of money shopping Raya, now I got to work hard to earn more money online.

Luckily  my second cash out for Google Adsense and Nuffnang is this month. At least can cover some of my expenses during Hari Raya.

My Adsense earning is improving, as more clicks coming from Ad Links 728 x 15 and 300 x 250 Text Ads within post.Just make sure your first adsense placement is on top folder of your page. This first ad that appear usually is the highest paying keyword. So user will tend to click ad that appear first with good placement.

I will receive my Duit Raya end of this month from Adsense with high currency rate. Last time I checked, 1USD is RM 3.5 :). For sure my wife will be happy collecting Adsense money this time. I bet she will ask for more tips.

PayPerPost, Inc.

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With a lot of blog has been kicked out from PayPerPost, now more blogger turn to other source of online income. I have drop Pay Per Post long time ago when Google start to slap PR ranking. But my PR for this blog is still 0 and I don’t care hehe. I just want  to write and share with you all.

Thanks again to Nuffnang for sending the second cheque right on time. I was totally relieved as the first cheque incident didn’t happen again when I have to wait for nearly 2 months. As I mention in my blog before, I’m just starting to build up my traffic on my Malay’s blog, DamiaAnura.com . I will keep this 2 blog (lankapo.com and damiaanura.com ) update to focus my earning only on Adsense and Nuffnang. I will  leave out my 10 other blogs with different niche range from soccer,relationship, celebrities and affiliates. I just can’t handle it anymore 🙂 Too greddyi I guess.

Yeah rite,I know I love soccer and entertainment. I can give a lot of opinion in soccer (just admit it ok. I am the only one whom predicted Italy win Wolrd Cup 2006 🙂 .Anyway I am not a hardcore fan and don’t even have a steady club to support hehe. Not like Mr.akubetul.com, a hard fan of Liverpool team. I just love soccer that’s all. So, focus on what you good at is the best way to solve my dilemma. So I will update my other blogs occasionally or when I have something interesting to share and approve Entrecard request.Since you can get some lucky clicks from your old blog, you know.

I think that’s all for now, for all my muslim reader.. enjoy your Hari Raya and don’t forget to ask for forgiveness. Don’t forget to update your blog and don’t eat too much.You might get a stomach ache like me hehe.