I have been using Gmail since the day it was born.That was a couple years ago. Impressed with it storage, until now I use  Gmail and Yahoo as my main email. I even introduced Gmail to my company and open Gmail account for my boss :).

I remember a friend from HK send me a post card for gave her an invitation Gmail Link. Google marketing strategy by creating invitation link to sign up for Gmail was a big hit. At that time, there were  people who sell invitation link on Ebay. Can you believe that.

Image via CrunchBase

Today, Gmail has improved a lot.Introducing chat function, label and pop mail. Recently, Gmail has introduce emoticons and Google Labs such as calendar,chat image and Google Docs that can be embedded at the side bar.

So now you have 3 to 4 function in one Gmail. You can add easily all your task and reminder at your calendar. So, have fun with Gmail 🙂

Update : To get latest detail update on Gmail, please visit Gmail: What’s been keeping the Gmail Team Busy