Hi Guys,

Last month I just bought two new gadgets , a Dell laptop and Nokia N95. So I am quite busy updating my knowledge and exploring new cool hand phone application and laptop technology. I have not been interested to know more about symbian software for the last 2 years since i only use a phone for call and sms. So I am bit outdated about latest update on Nokia phone.

As for the laptop, it is actually bought by my company for our new project. So I have to customise, setting according to my preference and download my favourite software. Not forgetting updating window Vista and my Anti Virus software. So all this make I spend a lot of time playing with my hand phone and laptop.

Nokia N95


With 3.5 G (HDSPA) Internet Speed, able to connect to Wifi, GPS enable and 5 Megapixel picture, N95 has complete my gadget dream. So now I can log in to internet, facebook, read blog whenever I have free wireless connection. Nowdays, even mamak stall provide free internet connection and I have experienced  logging to free internet at KFC, Carre Four  and Jusco plus Bangi kopitiam.

I don’t have to bring my laptop to use free WiFi, just use my Nokia N95 to search for free WiFi :). After define my access point, I can browse internet with one hand. So easy to use and fast loading.

Most of the time I will explore mobile9.com and mosh.com to install new application and theme. Now I have mobile version of Yahoo, Youtube, Facebook and Gmail. Anybody want to suggest any great application, please give your suggestion.

GPS enable plus Google Map are the best application I ever tried, you can even search for location and Google Map will show you how to get there.  So I will not lost again.

Dell Inspiron 1420

dell hubby

Bought at  Sunway Pyramid, white colour , with 4 GB RAM, 250 G HD and processor Dual Core 2GHz T6400. My window experience index is 3.5 slightly better than my Acer laptop.Plus pre installed Vista Home Basic, original ok. Say NO to Pirate!.

On top of that I get 2 GB Kingston Thumb drive and headphone, cost me around RM 2600. The first thing I do when I switch on the laptop was change the Vista  theme to classic windows and remove all side bar application. After that, I download ccleaner to remove unnecessary start-up.

I also use the Bluetooth connection to connect with my Nokia N95, sync files and update Nokia software. I guess with this new gadgets I can update my blog regularly and make more money online hehe.