If you happened to check online advertisement about a girl looking for intimate relationship and asking you to send her an email, be extra careful it might be a BLACK HAT SYSTEM technique.

I took a few hours last nite to read and understand a Black Hat Technique e-book, its quite interesting. It show how a man weakness is being exploited by other people to earn a lot of money. Sometime it’s funny when a man will get excited and willing to do anything just to get know a girl he met online.


The Modus Operandi is quite similar. Seduce a man using a horny girl as a bait to click a link and eventually this poor man will sign up for affiliate product or service.


Believe it or not this spammer use FREE tools like Gmail, Free Classified Ad like Gumtree.com or Craiglist.com and cheap domain to lure this poor man who are looking for sex and relationship online.

All they have to do is to create a very catchy ad to get attention. When their victim email to get to know that sweet horny girl online, this spammer will provide vacation auto responder to make job easier. In the reply e-mail they will provide a link for them to sign up to get to know each other better.

facebook girl

here are a lot of example of Black HAT Technique on the Classified ad, one example is on local   classified ad  www.olx.com.my, they use normal girl with attractive and sexy looks but not too bimbo with a normal  job like school teacher to make it look genuine. Then the “girl” will invite horny man to add her FACEBOOK ACCOUNT that happen to be an affiliate link.

As we all know Facebook is a huge popular social networking rite now, using it as a bait will get a lot of click. Even my blog use Facebook theme, just can enough of it. So, to men out there be careful. Don’t let your lust control your mind.