I know I am not the romantic  husband who takes my wife to  candle light dinner on Valentine’s Day or give her a nice gift on a special day (other than her birthday). For me I believe that, showing your love should be everyday not only 14 February. : ) . Show your love everyday.By saying “I Love you” every morning for instance.

After having a new baby, maybe a lot of attention has move to my daughter Damia.So maybe she felt a little bit jealous about that 🙂

But you know sometime women just don’t understand, they just want to be pampered sometime. So, If you ask her what she wants, she will ask me to buy her LV handbag hehehe. So the best way is to search some tips or guide to buy present for you wife. I stumble into CouponChief.com,a one stop coupon deal and discount resource.

You can get coupon deal for eBags Coupons and DELL Coupons. Hey,I need to buy for myself too. The last time I bought her a flower was last year, yeah I kinda terrible  at giving present. So she deserves something special.I love you Sayang 🙂 everyday.