leadpictunepg5i Last week I post about Tunemoney.com and claimed that my blog is no 4 in Google page.Please check here.So just to be make sure that I dont blaff, I run a recheck by typing “tunemoney” in Google. Yup I am still in the first page. But when I try type “tune money”..:(

I can’t even find my site even on the 10th page hehe. So when I drive back home,a lot of things come to my mind about this space different.What will user type to find about Tunemoney.com ? Space or no space ? By the way , if I going to search about something, I will type its domain name , don’t you ?     




For a newbie like me, I can say that Ok, what ever!..But for top Problogger , this misspelled can cause thousand of USD.:).Just look at their income. Man, if only can get a pinch of that.

1) Markus Frind: PlentyOfFish.com – $300,000 / per month.

2) Kevin Rose: Digg.com – $250,000 /per month.

3) Jeremy Schoemaker – $140,000 / per month.

4) Jason Calacanis: Weblogs, Inc. – $120,000 /per month.

5) David Miles Jr. & Kato Leonard – $100,000 /per month.

6) Tim Carter: AskTheBuilder.com – $30,000/ per month.

7) Joel Comm – $24,000 /per month

8) Shawn Hogan – DigitalPoint.com $10,000 /per month


I did some research and tools for this SEO technique here.Using SEO tools,but still not good at it.Maybe I need to ask SEO hustler then.By the way, I manage to digg and find Tunemoeny CEO blog here. Cool ahh, a Liverpool fan that’s why he so in love with “RED”.

Tune Money is Asia’s first “no-frills” online financial service owned by Tune Air Sdn. Bhd.

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