Gen 2

i got this comment from one of my blog, and I think its better to share with you all.

I don’t know what went wrong with proton since day one of their operation. It seems that they do not have any ideas on designing cars. I personally do think that there are thousands of design produced by their R&D, but is being rejected. I don’t see why must a car with the same generation had to have their predecessors parts to save cost.

I’d like to give and example of one particular big seller in Malaysia..”WIRA”. Just because this car was marketable, it doesn’t mean that this car was bought because of the product it self. When proton discover that WIRA can make money they make new models like satria, arena… on the road when you see this cars you would say it is WIRA.. there’s no significant changes made to the design although the model name does not sound like.

Buyers now have the lot’s of choices, they want change, identity and unique. Generally sedan car should be a bit exclusive look rather that sporty look. If buyer want’s a sporty look on the sedan, they them self will send their car for make-over to the accessories no matter who is the manufacturer of their car. This happens because of the need of individuality and uniqueness of their personal belongings..(but beware JPJ is watching).

According to proton’s CEO this model is their turning point model in restoring Proton’s prestige where within the past years have been bashed to the drain. Personally I think this is another disaster model. The only way for proton to regain it’s dignity is produce a real limited edition supercar which will gain international acknowledgement.  I don’t think that this is hard to achieve since Lotus is a subsidiary of proton, and further more there was reported that a particular supercar ™ design was transferred ownership from Lotus to Proton.

This supercar design also was reported being seen on the road testing (paultan) . Definitely proton will not gain profit by producing this car, but International motorist will start acknowledging porton as a good car manufacturer as good as Lotus. Proton also should involve more in motoracing internationally to boost up confidence of the potential buyers that malaysian cars are good and tough.

Proton doesn’t need to win in races but to prove that their cars as good as any other cars. However if proton is still using other manufacturer engines to win races it will not change any thing. Maybe not everybody knows this fact but fanatics of motorist know, and their mouth to mouth rumors are more powerful than any advertisements.

I’m not condemning proton, even I ride proton but it’s just my opinion that may improve proton’s status as a car manufacturer. I would like to see proton grow an be a car manufacturer who is acknowledge and respected by the motor industry. To me perodua, naza and etc is not a malaysian car. I do not know how can the ministry give an endorsement that these cars are Malaysian cars. It is just as buying an imported dissemble car, assemble it here change the logo and put it in the show room. There’s no R&D process for any of their models other that to add accessories.

September 09 5:11 AM