I think a lot of Malaysian will try to find this movie online or thru torrent site. Because I already did :). Plus this film is banned in Malaysia because of its sex scene, drug and excessive use of swear words. In Singapore, the film can be viewed in selected theatres only because of its ultra-restrictive rating.

1. Did you know that, in 2007 Leonardo DiCaprio won a bidding war against Brad Pitt to portray Jordan Belfort’s memoir The Wolf of Wall Street.

2. Riza Aziz, co Founder of Red Granite Picture and producer of this movie is the step son of Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak

3. This movie contains 506 of the word F word, and set a record for a most used word in a mainstream non-documentary film. No wonder it is banned here.

Anyway Margot Robbin is one fantastic actress. You got to really love her… I mean her acting 🙂