There are a lot free Blackberry App such as BBM, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo Messenger. But still if you want to try premium blackberry app, there are a lot of them. You can buy it using your PayPal account. Just provide your username and password and they will charge your account. You can also buy using your card credit.But I do not recommend it.

You can search Top 25 paid Apps in Blackberry App World. But before you decided to buy it. Please read the reviews first. Is it worth it or not ?

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In my case, I bought a useless App. I did not read the reviews properly. This auto Photo uploader for picasa is actually upload your image to your picasa online album which you can do it manually. Just send the selected image to picasa email. So be careful.

Anyway, its easy and safe to buy the Blackberry App using PayPal. The transactions details will be shown on your PayPal account. DRI App World will charge your PayPal account. Choose wisely.