My friend asked me about his Blackberry OS 6. He cannot upload his picture from the smartphone to Facebook. He told me that his friends upgrade his Blackberry OS for him. It turns out to that Facebook App need to be upgrade to latest version to be compatible with Blackberry OS 6.

So it make me thinking, can you trust other people to handle your Blackberry. Few years back, your handphone maybe consist picture, mms and 3gp video only. But with smartphone like Blackberry, you have more. From your email, password, online banking information to sensitive informaton in your email. For me its really risky to give other people to handle your smartphone. He can hack your online banking, change your password or even hack your email.

This is just a preventive measure and we must think about it. If you really need to send your smartphone to the repair center or shop, make sure you have delete all sensitive information. Before that, back up you smartphone data on your laptop. Especially if you have personal hot 3GP video, then you should be EXTRA careful. You don’t want to be popular on the internet for your hot video rite : ). Trust me those guy at the shop love this video, they will copy it and make money out of your hot video.

How about your twitter account or Facebook login ? They can post and update something embarrassing on your social network. All your friend will laugh at you. So make sure all your sensitive data, picture and video is on the safe hand. happy weekend guys!.