World Champs beaten

PARIS, Sept 6 (Reuters) – Olympique Lyon winger Sidney Govou hit a
double as France stunned arch-rivals Italy 3-1 in a showcase Euro 2008
qualifier in Paris on Wednesday.

It was sweet revenge for Les Bleus who bowed to the Italians on penalties in a controversial World Cup final two months ago.France
are second in the Group B table, level with Scotland and five points
ahead of the world champions who have made a miserable start to their
campaign, having been held 1-1 by Lithuania on Saturday.Coach Raymond Domenech said his France team had produced an almost flawless performance.’The
perfect match is the one in which you score on every attack and that
your opponents are unable to put you in danger. We came very close to
the perfect match tonight,’ he told a news conference.’Everybody
was feeling great and technically we were well prepared for this

 I hope that we will be capable to repeat such a performance.’Beating
the world champions always means something special. We have tamed two
world champions over the last two months,’ he added, referring to the
1-0 success over Brazil in the World Cup quarter-finals. ‘We can be
happy and proud of ourselves.’Govou needed just 90 seconds to make a dramatic impact, volleying in a cross by defender William Gallas.

was the first time Govou, often used as a substitute, had started a
match for France since the 4-0 thrashing of Cyprus in a World Cup
qualifier in October 2005.France increased their lead after 17
minutes when fans’ favourite Thierry Henry produced a superb finish
from close range after Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon failed to hold
a powerful shot from Florent Malouda.


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"i will ‘ter’score” if u select me – Gallas

Chelsea claim unhappy French defender William Gallas sensationally threatened
to score an own goal and refused to play for the club before he was sold to
Arsenal as part of the deal which took Ashley Cole to Stamford Bridge.

The Premiership champions took the unprecedented step of issuing a
statement to inform their fans about the lack of respect the defender showed the
club in a bid to get a move away from Chelsea.

The statement revealed how he initially refused to play against Liverpool in
last season’s FA Cup semi-final and how, if selected to play against Manchester
City in the first game of this season, he threatened to score an own goal, get
sent off or make deliberate mistakes.

The club statement read: ‘Chelsea believes it is important for our supporters
to be made aware of the full facts regarding William Gallas and the lack of
respect he showed to the fans, the manager and the club.

‘Despite leaving he continues to attack Jose Mourinho and this cannot be left

‘Chelsea made William Gallas a very substantial and attractive new contract
offer to stay towards the end of last season. This was rejected.


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Letter from LHDN


Letter from LHDN
This truly is a classic!!

True story…

A taxpayer called up the LHDN (Inland Revenue Board) in Terengganu, and asked for Form B. The LHDN clerk who answered the call asked for the address to send the form to. The conversation goes:

LHDN CLERK: “Boleh bagi alamat encik?” (Can you give me your address?)

TAXPAYER: “Hantar ke Ranhill Worley.” (Send to Ranhill Worley)

LHDN CLERKI: “Ranhill… eja macam mana?” (err… How to spell Ranhill?)

TAXPAYER: “R.. for Rumah… A for Ayam.. N for Nangka… H for Holland… I for itik… L for lain-lain….” (spelling)

LHDN CLERK: “Ok.. nanti kami hantar ke alamat tu” (OK, we will send to that address…)

After waiting for a week, the form arrived – have a look at the address on the envelope!!!

Kuping the champ!!

Finally, after month of planning strategy for the best player in the World Cup, Kuping my buddy in US win in lankapo’s group.Iit’s quite dissapointing for me actually hehhe coz i used to win in Euro 2004.For Dood, u can try next time heheheheh


Anyway congratulation to the winner and thanks a lot to participants. See u in euro 2008…

What Love is

Let me tell u what LOVE is..

For all you people who say, “I love you” when
you have no clue what love is exactly!!!
Something to ponder upon…

Are your palms sweaty, is your heart racing and
is your voice caught within your chest?? -It
isn’t love, it’s LIKE.

You can’t keep your eyes or hands off of
her/him –
It isn’t love, it’s LUST.

Are you proud, and eager to show her/him off?? –
It isn’t love, it’s LUCK.

Do you want her because you know she’s/he’s
there?? –
It isn’t love, it’s LONELINESS.

Are you with her/him because it’s what everyone
It isn’t love, it?s LOYALTY.

Are you with her because she/he kissed you, or
held your hand?
It isn’t love, it’s LOW CONFIDENCE.

Do you stay for her/him confessions of love,
because you don’t want to hurt her/him?
It isn’t love, it’s PITY.

Do you belong to her/him because the sight of
her/him makes your heart skip a beat??
It isn’t love, it’s INFATUATION.

Do you pardon her faults because you care about
It isn’t love, it’s FRIENDSHIP.

Do you tell her/him every day she is the only
one you think of?
It isn’t love, it’s a LIE.

Are you willing to give up all of your favorite
things for her sake?
It isn’t love, it’s CHARITY.