I am Proud to be a MUSLIM

A video showing a Muslim guy clearing all the typical prejudice towards Islam and Muslim. Especially after September 11, a lot of misconception about Islam are spread all over the world. I like the way he clarify it, so passionate and I am a MUSLIM too 🙂

More info about ISLAM

Do you know that a lot of famous football player are Muslim ?

  • Robbie Van Persie, Holland and play for Arsenal FC
  • Frank Ribery, France and play for Bayern Munich FC
  • Nicolas Anelka, France and play for Bolton Wanderers FC



Welcome my Entrecard friends


First of all, I would like to welcome all my friends especially from Entrecard, happy digging for your credit : ),Please drop your card and will visit your blog too. I would really appreciate if you spend some time to read some of my post and please2 do drop your comments. Thank YOU ! : )


I just joined Entrecard.com 9 Dec, when I browse ProBlogger.net. Ok, for those who don’t have any idea of what I am talking about. Don?t worry, just read and I ill try to explain.

If you are familiar with Blogrush, then you should get some idea.I was rejected actually by Blogrush claiming my blog is rubbish full of advertisement. Come on every body is doing it ok. Plus, their widget is ugly also.So I give up on Blogrush, and sign up for Entrecard.com.

Entrecard is a relatively new concept of social advertising. It is based on a model of a free exchange network that allows you to display 125×125 ads. The idea behind is revolutionary in terms of being able to earn credits to have your card displayed on a budding network site.


With Entrecard.com, you can place ad other website,earn credit and attract new user to your blog. It’s a free networking tools that can connect you to thousand of blog in the world and niche. They have statistic showing incoming traffic, reader who want to advertise to your blog and drop their card.

Once you have earned enough credits, you can spend them to advertise your Entrecard on other people’s widgets.
Here is how credits are earned?

  • You earn credits every time someone advertises on your widget.
  • You earn 1 credit every time you drop your card for someone else.
  • You earn 1 credit every time someone else drops their card for you. source

I am using Nuffnang statistic to show you how my traffic increasing significantly after using Entrecard.


Ok I admit, my traffic is not that high, but I hope all my friends can help me by visiting again and write some comments hehe

SAMPLE : One of the widget that you can use to display Ad/business card in your website and advertise on others too.


So, happy placing your card guys, Good Luck

Online Contest at cari duit online


If you are Malaysian and still searching for the site to know how to ‘cari duit‘ online, I’ve got a right place for you. This Malay-content blog has many information about ‘ buat duit and cari duit online‘.




From Google AdSense tips to Online Marketing Technique. They have a great contest for you to win RM40 for this month only! So better hurry and check them out now.

SEA Game Korat, domain typo ?

A friend of mine from akubetul.com point out to me, a Southeast Asian Games Korat website that’s look kindda weird since the theme is green. So I run some analytical investigation (CSI) hehe..:)

1. The fake website look like these : seagameskorat2007.com


  • It has a lot of Adsense Ads and a lot of ads
  • Has some info on the game, but not that detail
  1. The original website of South East Asian Game : 2007seagames.com


See, the domain name is quite the same.The site owner sure has done his home work well.Similar domain name, make reader accidentally jump to his site. In addition, the sea games currently in Korat, Thailand will be search and goggled by thousand of user in South East Asia including all participant county like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and etc


Islamic Loan, An Introduction

Nowadays most banks and financial institutions offer to a Homeowner loans, a choice of either a conventional loan or Islamic financing. What is the different between this two ? , the simple answer is that both are the same, except in a conventional loan, the purchaser will pay interest, and in Islamic financing, the purchaser will pay a profit.

A common home Islamic financing facility is offered under the Shariah principle of Al-Bai Baithaman Ajil (BBA). In BBA financing, a bank’s customer buys a property from the vendor under an agreement of sale. The bank then, at the request of the customer and with the consent of the vendor, steps in to become a party to the sale agreement by executing a novation agreement between them, making the bank now the purchaser  of the property. The bank’s purchase price is described as the loan facility amount.

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