Activate Your Tune Card at

First of all, I would like to thanks all of my reader since my blog is no 4 in Google search page for the  keyword “tunemoney”. That is after itself. 🙂 As my friend always mention, “What you give you will get back”.

Back to my mission to cash out my paypal account, as mention here. I called several time using my handphone at 600 83 7999, but failed. I even email to them since nobody call me for my application status.

After a few days, I got an idea to try to call that number using fixed line,


The line is through. After a few standard procedure question for verification, my card is already at POS office Tesco Shah Alam. The best thing was, will NOT call you to pick up the card. Just go the appointed POS office after 7 working days.

So my advice, just call first to make sure. Rather blindly asking the counter, and your card is still not available. Wasting time and money, right?. Tunecard is still new since my number is 140,and the first person to pick up at POS office Tesco Shah Alam.Even the lady at the counter still got to be assist by her supervisor.

Just bring your IC, sign a few documents and pay RM 3 to them.That’s all. After that sign at the back of the card, and activate it.


Contest Mania!

iconIt looks like everybody has jump in to contest bandwagon.The rewards are varies from credits at Entrecard,some offers money while others offers back link. Benefits from hosting a online contest ? Of course improve their ranking and increase back link with each other. This is a win win situation since both the contestant and the organiser will benefit from the back link.

The rules is simple just provide a link in a posting and they will choose the winner, they will choose the lucky winner according to website or through ranking in Google and Yahoo.

Ok, I did not expect to win actually just feeling lucky since my newborn daughter is a bless to me. She is my lucky charm now..:). This is my first submission for online blog contest, hopefully my PageRank will increase through the back link and what ever link that I can get :))

Gentlemen let start your engine ! I have three online contest for you to join

The $150 Anniversary Mini-SEO Contest

Marhgil Macuha, you have to write about this keyword. What and who is Marhgil Macuha? He is a Philipino Problogger and famous in Philippine. Want to know more about him, just drop by to his website.

Who can join?

Anyone with a blog and has the ability to receive money from Paypal can join.

How to join?
Simply make a blog post about anything you can think about the contest keyword. Then, submit your entries by commenting on this blog post with your full name and your Paypal e-mail. You can submit as many entries as you want, as long as it is a blog post. The more entries, the more chances of winning. Update: You’re not required to submit your full name as long as you clearly identify yourself on your blog. If there’s no way people can clearly know who you are, then you are disqualified.

How to win?
If your blog post ranks the highest on the mentioned search engines for the keyword on January 4, 2008, 8:00PM, Philippine Time, then you win! I’ll post a screenshot of the winners on January 4.


I don’t want the whole world to know-Tan Hong Ming

It’s not any tip on making money instead I give you an advertisement from Petronas, due to Malaysia 50th Celebration of Independent.

Why this ad? Because it’s so sweet and make me laugh every time I watch it.Kids are so sweet because they are so innocence and pure. Plus they tell no lies

His teeth remind me when I was young, same rabbit teeth but my girlfriend at that time prettier than Umi Qazrina hehe :). Those old days, of course I have what we call “love crush”, I am just too shy at that time. So, just  a secret admirer.So Tan Hong Ming is very lucky to confess it to the whole world hehe.

By laughing at this ad, hopefully you can relieve some stress and relax your mind. watching all the comments and read hundred of blogs can be be so exhausted. Some of us just barely sleep rite?

Researchers using ultrasound monitored the blood flow in the brachial artery in the arm of each volunteer. They found blood flow was reduced in 14 of the 20 participants after watching distressing movie clips and increased in 19 out of the 20 participants after watching clips that made them laugh. read more

So guys, you should thanks me because I just increase your blood flow 🙂

Welcome 2008, Goodbye 2007

2007, has a lot of sweet memories. My first  Hari Raya Celebration with my wife, bless with new born child and become a father. I am 28 now, next year I will be 29 ,,yup not far from 30 I guess.

Next year, I have to be ready financially and mentally since I have a daughter now. Beside car insurance, car loan, house loan and study loan that need to be paid, my daughter expenses has to come in. Nursery, pampers, cloths,milk and her teddy bear of course.:)


Hopefully I can handle all that, I have to work much harder now. I will not let her down. Papa loves you Damia.

But just to be in safe site, I have found this great cash advance and payday loans site.  Anything could happen, so if I need fast, unsecured loans in times when I can’t wait for pay day, then there will be no problem. Applying over the internet is a fast way to fund a personal checking and personal account.


So Damia, Papa rather use Payday loans rather than facing situation like bouncing checks, selling personal property or like borrowing money from family and friends.

The Blinking Streamyx -Part II


Please read my previous post here, to get the general idea of what I am talking about.


Just now, I went to TM Point, Shah Alam to submit my rebate claim. TMnet charged me for activation RM 167.00 and two month payment Nov and December : RM 154

So, first to be fair I just pay the full amount RM 321.00 . I tod him that I want to claim my rebate, I was quite surprise when he told me that TMnet did not grant me any rebate. I have to tell him the whole story again, how stupid the contractor, how slow the response and you don’t want to give me any rebate. I mentioned to him clearly that I only manage to use my Streamyx after 30 days and already paid the bill. It is not that much to be fussy about, I feel that justice need to be done here.

He didn’t believe at first , when I told him that there is nothing wrong with my modem and Telekom Box is the main problem why I received blinking signal. So he said that he will produce another report about this bill dispute.

I don’t know how long it will takes to the TM net to rectify this report.Maybe another 30 days…Just wait and see 🙁