Video Adsense Unit approved in Australia and Japan

Another good news for publisher base on Australia and Japan, you all can make more money by using Adsense on Video.I think the most interactive way to earn money online. As you know, by putting video on your site from YouTube will attract more visitor to your site. Video like hot celebrities,music video,blogging tips and tutorial are the best option to increase traffic and attract user and definitely increase your earnings.

Hopefully Malaysia will be in the list for Video Units.As for now I already embedded YouTube video on several of my blog to make it more interesting and who knows Google will approved in the near future.



Hungary and Hong Kong Adsense Publisher will use EFT

I guess it a good news for Adsense Publisher base in Hong Kong and Hungray, by using EFT(Electronic Funds Transfer).It will be easy then to cash out from Adsense account.

Hopefully Malaysia will be next. Currently the best way for Malaysian Adsense Publisher is to use Western Union Quick Cash. It is not bad but quite complicated (hehehe I never done it that’s why). Hopefully I will able to cash out my first Adsense Money next month.Since my earning is not bad lately.




In conjunction with Euro 2008 Footbal Tournament in Austria-Switzerland this June.

I and my friend Mr Right from will host a contest just for fun.

Euro Football Tournamnet is once in 4 years so why not make it happening and a lil football crazy . I know a lot of you guys will have less sleep and more MC this June hehe

Here is the thing; Just give us your prediction the winner of Euro 2008 and Top Goal Scorer of this tournament. Simple just click the image to join the contest or click

Euro 2008 Online Contest

Use Tune Card to register with Google Adwords

Do you know that you can use Tune Card to activate/register your Google Adwords. Google Adwords is another way to increase your traffic. It is a Pay Per Click, for every click you get you pay to Google.

Google need a credit card, debit card or prepaid visa card as method of payment. There are two ways you can pay for Adwords, either Post Paid or Prepaid.

Google Adwords even have Starter Budget as low as RM 10 per month, so why not try it out. I already register my account with Google Adword and start my first campain.You just pay for every click that you get.It is easy to set up and really cheap.


Type of People who click your Google Adsense ad

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Intro : As a blogger you should aware that other blogger, internet marketer, IT Guy or webmaster won’t click your ad rite.

So true, because they know that you will earn some money hehe. It is important to identify who will come in to your website and click your ad. People will click your ad if he or she does not know at all about Google Adsense. Nowadays, every home in Malaysia is equipped with broadband Internet. Just name it Streamyx from TM, wireless broadband from Maxis Broadband or Celcom .People even use a dial up to connect to Internet since every house at least own a pc. So there is a big opportunity for us grab this increasing traffic.