Free One Year Subscription Norton Antivirus 2009

noton I removed my Norton Software 2 years ago, because Norton AV consume a lot of memory and make my PC crawled like an old snail. Ok la that was not the main reason acually, I started to installed AVG when my Norton subscriptions was expired and my crack didn’t work anymore 🙂

Until I read Raymond Tech blog that can provide one year free Norton AV 2009 for 1 year.Plus with this new fast and furious Norton AV 2009. Norton AV 2009 has improved tremendously in term of memory usage.

Slow No More

In term of installation, Norton AV 2009 only take less than 5 minutes and you don’t even need to restart your PC after installation. With user friendly user layout  and fast loading this new Norton AV is really RAWK !.

It also has a very good memory management which will automatically reduce the memory usage to around 6MB when it reaches 40-50MB. If that’s not enough, Norton Antivirus 2009 comes with Norton Insight which is able to increase computer performance by identifying trusted files that do not require scanning.Raymond Tech

For more details on this new Norton AV 2009 , just go to

The Norton AV 2009 has improved tremendously with 300 major improvements and it’s clearly the fastest and lightest security software right now. You can expect :-

  • speedy scanning and update
  • easy user layout, feature user and cpu usage bar

How to get Free One Year Subscription

Just go to  FREE Norton Antivirus 2009 with 1 Year Subscription Without Activation or Product Key. It works for me, so it should work for you.Mr Raymond is kind enough to provide with three  link to download free trial for 12 months, OEM, tested, in fact I catch new Trojan with Norton that my AVG failed to do so.No offence to AVG, maybe I will use Norton for 2009 🙂

A Great Business Philosophy

I have been invited to a Business Conference in Saujana Hotel, Subang by one of my client last week. The objective of the conference is to gather all vendor and share our feedback on their business policy.

But what I want to share here is the humble opening speech and vision by the company CEO, YBhg Dato’ Sri Hj. Mahamad Fathil bin Dato’ Mahmood, father of Malaysian Equestrian and love horse sport very much.


Dato’ Seri in white sleeves on the left


He started as junior executive in Pernas after finishing MCKK . From there he got promoted to Supervisor and started his company 42 years ago. With his knowledge and business experience, he would like to share with us. He only go Hard Work University, where ? It’s in your head. Now he runs a few company with overhead cost half a billion ringgit. Remember, just you can calculate how much money he make.


Actually, I was enlighten by his speech when he mentioned that what he is doing now is for the next world /akhirat.His vision is to see all small bumiputra vendors to succeed and stand on our own by the next ten years. He even mentioned that Dewan Perniagaan Melayu fails to help their member, by having one voice to push government. So by providing more Marketing Seminar, Vendor Development and Business Seminar , he hope that we can get the best business advise from his team.


A lot of company complained that they did not get an equal opportunity when submitting tender. They claimed that they work hard with R&D but still other  supplier who get the same product online in the internet win the tender. But this kind of supplier even tough they can supply with 25% cheaper, usually do not have after sales services and repair cost will be higher since Government agency have to send the product it to Singapore or overseas.

There is one company that asked for advise on how to get distributor/dealer from over sea company. Because they claimed that they can do the job but foreign company refuse to give them sole distributor. Well, in my case we usually get the job first then get the distributor agency provided they have none agency here in Malaysia. So work with a new but potential foreign company :).


Money is not everything, its the deeds that count

I hope more business tycoon can help new business entrepreneur/bumiputra to develop and stand by our own feet without cable/godfather/political figure backing. If we have a genuine idea/great product than I believe , we can succeed in business. Hopefully by God willing. If we just want to be Alibaba, take the project and give it to 3rd party than we will not last long in this business.

We can get help from other non bumi, but learn from them. Don’t depend on them. Be transparent and with integrity.

We live in multiracial country peacefully and harmony.We don’t want to be like Thailand or Philippines.

It’s a big cake, so share the wealth with others. 🙂

The day I Rock My BoTTom

Last weekend was the most hectic weekend, I have 4 events within 2 days. Nuffnang Fruso Family Day Out  (NFFDO) in OU, my schoolmate wedding in Shah Alam, my nephew kenduri khatan in Cheras and old school reunion in Ampang. My wife as usual always complain for not having much sleep. Until she attended NFFDO, we really enjoyed ourself and a lot of crazy things 🙂 happen.


Friso Brings My Family Out

Hi guys,

I want to ask you something. What does family mean to you? Is it only about children and parents? How about house, food, nursery, diapers, milk and etc? This list was on my mind when people asked me about getting married and having a family.

I remembered a friend once told me that when you have children, your problem/tiredness will be gone for a while when a cute face is waiting at the door calling your name with a bright smile when you come home.

 At first I was sceptical, I was asking myself, “really? Are you sure?” haha until Damia was born on 9 Nov 2007. Those sparkling eyes, always calling “atte tahh” and smiling without teeth make my life totally different now. I don’t even bother about the list anymore. What list? 🙂

Family is my top priority now. When Damia accidentally fell from a swing, I hugged my wife and Damia and told my wife, Damia is not only our daughter but our life. I just can’t imagine life without her. She brings a lot of joy to me and my wife.

In conjunction with Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out, Nuffnang wants to know why Family day is important to my daughter. If I can, I want to spend every second with her and watch her grow. Why family day is important?

Build Up Confidence

I believe by spending more time with Damia, she can build up her confidence since she needs a lot of support to walk by herself. She is one year now but still using the walker or sofa to walk.

Hopefully by having a special day for her, she will gain more confidence and not be afraid to walk. Malaysia Boleh Damia pun boleh!

Research shows that families that spend time together are less likely to have teens that use illegal drugs or drink or get into trouble.

Improve her Brain Development

At this stage, it is important communicate with Damia to stimulate her brain cells/neurons. Input as much knowledge as I can. The earlier the brain cells or neurons are stimulated, the more synapses (connection of one neuron to another) are created. It is the early neural synapses that make us remember, learn, talk, think, count, and create better.

Parenting Experience

By having a Family Day sponsored by Friso I can gain a lot of new input and get to know new parent @ blogger. We can share and exchange our tips and experience especially for first time parent. Nowadays we are facing a lot of challenges from the outside world, online and offline. So its crucial for us parents, to equip ourselves with parenting knowledge.

Come and Join Us

So I would like to thank Friso for sponsoring this great activity. As Friso always promote, Ambition, Bravery, Curiosity and Determination.What are you waiting for, lets enjoy  and bring your family here.

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