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If you notice before this, I prefer to update MONEY related issue in this blog. Why ? Because I want to make money with adsense, increase traffic, increase SEO, pageRank bla bla bla. In short I just want to make money from my blog and I have to follow a lot of rules etc SEO, keyword in order for me to write.

In the end, when I have no stories or how to make money online, I am totally blank. That is why this blog is left alone for quite sometime. So now I decided to write whatever i like and share my knowledge with others. It can be about movies or chatting or personal findings. No more targeting certain keyword to get more traffic or click.

I also change this blog theme to make it clean and simple. The most important thing its updated and fresh content. What good can it bring by having beautiful theme and many ads without good content.

I was surprised to see that even my blog is not update my PR still 3. So I think this PR thing is playing with your mind. Believe me, just write what you like and ingore the rules.

I am not giving up with Adsense or cannot make money online, it just not a priority anymore. Last time i will check my adsense earning almost every hour even i don’t update my blog. I should ashame of this. Its like a burden.

Now I just don’t care. Its really a big relieve. No more pressure to update my blog with certain set of rules. I am a FREE man now haha

p/s See, I can write 3 entry in one night isn’t that great haha

I need to write something here : )

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Its been a while ..yes I know. A lot of thing happen in my life lately. From Linux, car accident and new smartphone Blackberry.


The best thing that happen to me. Seriously.  You can explore a new world of OS other than window. Not just Ubuntu but many other Distro such as Linux Mint, Simple Linux, Oshirix and Puppy Linux. Ubuntu especially has opened up my eyes that you can do a lot of thing with your laptop and you don’t have to pay a cent for it. You don’t have to worry about trojan, virus or slow application.  Because with Linux you don;t have to install antivirus or spyware because trojan and virus are designed for windows only :).

For the record I have reformat my laptop hard disk 3 times and bought a new hard disk because of Linux. Don’t worry Linux especially Ubuntu is safe and user friendly. It just me,  I tried and experiment a lot of new application and format my hard disk without proper knowledge.

I know its hard to convince you to try Linux same goes with me. Adi from Oshirix has tried for 2 years to convince me to try Oshirix. Unfortunately I fell in love with Ubuntu. Anyway he still happy with it.

Starting from Wubi, where you can install Ubuntu as a new program application in your windows or dual boot which I recommend.  You can google or download the manual for step by step to create dual boot with Window and Linux. You can download Ubuntu at or request for free installation CD.

Good Luck ! I will continue to update here : )


Google Adword Free Voucher RM 150

Google AdWords VoucherYeayy! I received another free Google Adword Voucher worth RM 150. This time it is under my wife’s name.

Like the first Voucher that I got, this one also I want to give it for free. I don’t need any more account for AdWords.

So if you want to have the code, just let me know. No string attached.

Trusting your online friend?

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Just a few days ago, my friend in India asked me to help him to purchase a software to encrypt his PHP code.

He told me that his credit card is not valid to purchase the software. He said there is rumors that some merchant don’t accept credit card from India. He offers to pay me using PayPal.

So I just followed his instruction on how to purchase the software.  On the last page for payment option, I saw PayPal button. I thought he might want to scam me. So I explained my findings. To his surprise , he said that he cannot find any PayPal option on the website.

Instead he gave me his PayPal user id and password. At first i was quite reluctant since he had to give his PayPal details to me. He replied that he only have a few buck, so it will be no problem. So in the end, I just use his PayPal to pay the software.

I am not sure why there is no PayPal option on his side. Maybe its true may be not. Either way you should be careful and double check. Actually I was willing to pay since the amount is only USD 20 plus I barely know him. He is just my online friend.

So will you pay for your online friend ? 🙂

Beware of Pervert on Social Network

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It doesn’t matter MySpace, Tagged or even Facebook. If you post a sexy picture online, trust me a swarm of hor** guys will try to add you and asking for your cell number.

I had this one experience when I changed my default picture in Tagged to a hot chicks just for fun. But I still put male as my gender.

After just 2 hours, I received  hundreds of messages  and friend request . WTF! Don’t they read my gender. They just get excited to see a hot chick.

Some of the messages quite nice, asking for YM id, cell number but most of them asking if I am willing to have sex with them. It just show how desperate this pervert are.

Trust me reading all the messages made me want to puke, all they can think of is sex and lust. Don’t they have any manner.

It make me think, let say you have a daughter and they post they picture online. Surely this bunch of losers will swarm your daughter profile asking for YM id, hand phone number.

So as parents you got to be aware and educate your children. Especially when posting private information online.

If this can happen to me, surely it will happen to your daughter!.