How to Remove Spam Message from your Facebook

Annoying Message

I received a lot of spam message from my Facebook friend such as “lol check out this girl, bla bla bla..”, with a link to click. I believe once you click the link it will infected your to your Facebook account. I thought that the Facebook account has been compromised and i always ask my friends who get infected to change their password and scan their pc. But still did not solve the problem. (more…)

Download Firefox 4 Now!

To be honest Firefox was my first love before Chrome. I left Firefox to be with Chrome because Chrome’s navigation, bigger layout and fast.  But with latest Firefox 4 release, its going to be tough for me to choose. Rite now I am using Chrome 10.0.648.133 (77742) Built on Ubuntu 10.10, running on LinuxMint 10. Yesterday I download Firefox 4 for Linux with a lot of improvements : (more…)

Update Your Blog with Blackberry WordPress App

This Blackberry WordPress app is useful for live blogging. In case you are in a concert, confrence or capture interesting picture and want to share it on your blog with Blackberry. Then WordPress App in Blacberry is the answer. Its easy and friendly GUI.

Beside update your post you can also upload photo and video using this Blackberry WordPress App. It is also useful when suddenly you got a brilliant idea to share with your  reader and can’t wait till you reach home, then this app is the answer.

You can also add location, preview your post and add tag to your post. This is a must have app for Blackberry.

How to Update Your Blackberry OS 6

Easy Update with Blackberry Desktop Manager

I just upgrade my Bold 9780 with latest Blackberry OS 6 (v6.0.0.448).  It’s easy to update your Blackberry OS. All you need are Blackberry Desktop Manager, Internet Connection, Blackberry USB cable and your Blackberry phone. Updating the software on your smartphone might take 30 to 45 minutes to complete. So make sure you set your time properly to make sure you do not disconnect your Blackberry Phone during update. This action will damage your smartphone. To ensure the update process runs smoothly, you’ll need to follow three key steps:

Step 1: Download the latest version of Blackberry Desktop Manager, install on your computer, and check for updates