How To Buy Blackberry App Using PayPal

There are a lot free Blackberry App such as BBM, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo Messenger. But still if you want to try premium blackberry app, there are a lot of them. You can buy it using your PayPal account. Just provide your username and password and they will charge your account. You can also buy using your card credit.But I do not recommend it.

You can search Top 25 paid Apps in Blackberry App World. But before you decided to buy it. Please read the reviews first. Is it worth it or not ? (more…)

Download Free Upin & Ipin Wallpaper for Blackberry & iPhone

Betul Betul Betul

My daughter favorite’s cartoon is none other than Upin & Ipin. Everyday she will asked me to watch Upin & Ipin : Pengembaraan Bermula every single day. Now I can memorize every single script in the movie :).

I would say that Malaysian are proud of our local animation product. Even Indonesian are a big fan of Upin & Ipin. Malaysian Government even use Upin & Ipin as ambassador to close the gap between Malaysia and Indonesia.

FYI, Les Copaque the company behind Upin & Ipin has move a step forward in animation industry. They are developing game base on Upin & Ipin series and characters . This is really a good news and can promote their brand all around the world. Hopefully their new game product will be a success. (more…)

Why You Should Focus on Organic Traffic


I am going to say this once, your loyal readers will not click your Adsense Ads. Why ?. For a start, they know you will earn money for it. So off course your friedn will not click your Adsense Ads, hehe. Just kidding. Why your loyal reader will not click your AdSense Ads is most probably because of ad blind. In other words they worganic trafficill automatically skip and ignore the ads.

So who actually will click your Adsense Ads ? Simple it is from organic visitor. NO they are not plant or bio organic kind a thing. Its actually user who search on Google for specific keyword like “How to Be Rich like Lankapo” haha. So if they end up on my blog, they will read my content and will click other link to get more information. This is where your AdSense Ads should be visible and blend with your blog theme to make it CLICKABLE.


Why are my Adsense earnings dropping?


Making money online with AdSense is like  selling your content to your reader. A lot of factors has to be consider in order to get a click on expensive ads. In my experience sometime I got a lot of click nearly 20 plus but my AdSense earnings is still low. I just want to share and discuss a good article from AdSense website about why our AdSense’s earnings go up and down over time. (more…)