Update Your Blog with Blackberry WordPress App

This Blackberry WordPress app is useful for live blogging. In case you are in a concert, confrence or capture interesting picture and want to share it on your blog with Blackberry. Then WordPress App in Blacberry is the answer. Its easy and friendly GUI.

Beside update your post you can also upload photo and video using this Blackberry WordPress App. It is also useful when suddenly you got a brilliant idea to share with your  reader and can’t wait till you reach home, then this app is the answer.

You can also add location, preview your post and add tag to your post. This is a must have app for Blackberry.

How to Update Your Blackberry OS 6

Easy Update with Blackberry Desktop Manager

I just upgrade my Bold 9780 with latest Blackberry OS 6 (v6.0.0.448).  It’s easy to update your Blackberry OS. All you need are Blackberry Desktop Manager, Internet Connection, Blackberry USB cable and your Blackberry phone. Updating the software on your smartphone might take 30 to 45 minutes to complete. So make sure you set your time properly to make sure you do not disconnect your Blackberry Phone during update. This action will damage your smartphone. To ensure the update process runs smoothly, you’ll need to follow three key steps:

Step 1: Download the latest version of Blackberry Desktop Manager, install on your computer, and check for updates


How to Speed Up your Facebook, Malaysia only

Why So SLOW lar

If you noticed that lately your Facebook loading is really slow and takes hours to upload your favorite picture. Then its not your broadband provider faults. (But you can still call them just for fun hehe). Actually the Japan Earthquake has damaged Japan – US Cable Network (JUCN) and Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) cable networks linking Malaysia to USA and Hong Kong. Refer TM Announcement .

Frankly, what we are facing rite now (slow internet) is nothing compared to Tsunami and Earthquake victim. So you should be grateful that only internet is slow. Imagine some of them don’t even have food supply,electricity, phone and internet. I read in the news some of them have to sleep in the car until running out of fuel because of no electricity.  So please don’t complain much.

How To Speed Up your Facebook

I know as soon you open your eyes, it will blue icon pop out in your eyes. 24 Hours Facebook rite. So loading is the critical factor. Thanks to Mr LiewCF for this tips. I am using Linux and its work for me.

Here are the instructions for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X users. (HeHeHunter.net has the credit for Windows and Linux instructions)

Windows users:

  1. Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
  2. Open hosts file with notepad.exe
  3. Add the following: www.facebook.com
  4. Save.
  5. Visit http://www.facebook.com and enjoy the fast speed!

Linux/Ubuntu users:

  1. Go to Application –> Accessories –> Terminal
  2. key in the following: sudo gedit /etc/hosts
  3. Under , input the following: www.facebook.com
  4. Click Save
  5. Close gedit and terminal.
  6. Visit http://www.facebook.com and enjoy the fast speed!
From My Julia Desktop

Mac OS X users:

  1. Open terminal.app (Application -> Utilities -> Terminal
  2. type: sudo nano /etc/hosts
  3. type your password when prompted
  4. Add this line at the end of file: www.facebook.com
  5. Press Control-O to save the file, press Enter on filename prompt.
  6. Press Control-X to exit the text editor.
  7. (optional) Flush DNS cache with the command: dscacheutil -flushcache
  8. Visit http://www.facebook.com and enjoy the fast speed!

Lastly I will not be held responsible if something wrong with your account. Chrome browser will trigger error on my first attempt to open Facebook account. Its maybe because we are not using unsecure connection HTTPS. But as along as my facebook load faster than you, HTTPS who ? hehehe

According to LiewCF

The information I found out about the IP address [] is that it is a AkamaiGHost (Akamai’s HTTP Acceleration service), which is designed to serve as a “geographically co-located caching server” for a website. [source]

You are recommended to turn on Facebook secured connection (HTTPS) for additional protection.

Hope these helped.



Hot Girls Using Facebook to Scam



Well Well..another succesfull scammer. This time she is using Facebook. What a surprise !. But the MO is always the same. Seduce unlucky guy to believe that she is from oversea and hot (off course). Its always because the opposite sex and they always has accomplice to act as the custom officer.

This is not the first time , so please be extra careful. No matter how attractive, hot, sexy or how desperate this girl is, there must be something wrong when suddenly they show interest on you. There must be something that they are up to and that is your $MONEY$.

We never know what kind of trick that this LOOSER will come out in the future. Just bare in mind, when its involved $MONEY$ please DOUBLE check it with relevant authorities. Be safe.

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