How to report Picture Spam on Facebook Wall



Nowdays, Facebook is so popular that spammer like to trap Facebook users to click spam links. When you click it, it will automatically post on your FB wall and tagged all your friend. So in my example here, even Dato’ Seri Anwar is not sparred with spam picture. So how to report this to Facebook Admin.


MiniTube is the answer to my family Entertainment

Akademi Fantasia and Elmo

My wife is a big fan of Akademi Fantasia, she will follow everyday AF diary and Live concert. AF diary is every weekdays at 9 pm while AF 9 concert every Saturday nite 9pm also. So every weekend I have to play Futsal without my wife now. Before this she will accompany me with Damia. Now because of AF 9, Damia cannot see her father score goal anymore hehe.


Pikubo for Blackberry

If your familiar with Instagram, which is popular with iPhone app then Pikubo is the answer for Blackberry. You can add cool photo effects and share to Twitter and Facebook with only a few clicks!. The application is developed by cool people from Tokyo.

Pikubo offers a stylish way to share your photo on Twitter. You can download the application here Pikubo page


Credit Card Syndicate Busted

7 Corrupted Postmen

This is what happened when Government officer gang up with criminals.  Can you guys imagine a group of seven postmen opened letters containing credit cards, changed the microchips of the cards with fake ones and then delivered them to the applicants. 7 postmen involved in this credit card fraud. I believe its a work of professional to change the microchips without being noticed by the applicants. This syndicate really understand how the bank activate their credit card after applicants receive their credit card. The modus operandi :


Malaysiakini Under Denial of Service Attack

So that  is why I cannot read Malaysiakini news. The attack come from China, so it has been two days I guess the site is down. I am not sure why Mkini is under attack but it has got to do with Sarawak’s  election. But I was a little bit skeptical, why only Mkini and not Malaysia Today.

Anyway Mkini team is trying hard to restore their server to prevent this DOS attack. Right now, their site are posted on free site like facebook and wordpress. Below is Mkini explanation and pledges for donation. This donation is important to build new server with higher capability to prevent this DOS attack.