Joker in Town

Watch out Batman of Gotham City, there is new Joker in town. No, he will not terrorise your town. He just stream your torrent movie file for free. So you can watch your favourite movie on your browser without downloading the actual file. So no more waiting and hassle.

A website called Joker will stream your movie ar drama with only torrent links either your upload it form your computer  or paste it.


Free Stream movie online with Joker

Base on my testing yesterday, the torrent file movie the Giver 2014 stream smoothly. However when I test it today, the browser just keep loading. When tested with different torrent file also same result.

It is not new, since a lot of free streaming video website is trying to capture viewers all around the world. But a lot of them are taken down such as and Most of them just want to gain income thru viewer that want to see the movie and not the ads. its kind a misleading.

Unintentional click can sometime download malware and executable file that can harm your computer. This is something that we as user should take it seriously. however Joker website did not have pop up advertisement which is quite a surprise for me.  Advertisement will be displayed between the scene.

Whatever you do, just make sure you know what you click. If the link is suspicious just close the browser. Update your antivirus and antimalware to prevent trojan to spread in your computer while you trying to watch movie online.

Just watch Youtube, there are hundred Full Movie online uploaded by user. Just search full movie HD Eng Sub. It will be safer and you know you are in safe hand with Google. 🙂

Ok just kidding, at least you are safe from unknown website and prevent form unintentionally click.