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No HBO, No Movie MAX, NO Worries, We Have

If you miss movie package or astro first  on Astro since you have to sacrifice it for Unifi, then you shouldn’t be worry anymore, because I have the perfect solution for you. With stable internet speed from Unifi, there a lot of movie streaming online that you can watch it for free. The one that I am going to introduce it to you is the best. stream live video in HD.

You don’t have to worry about the rain to watch your favorite movie online. You can also use HDMI cable from your laptop to your LCD tv to watch it in bigger screen. With Unifi you can watch it for free, no worries just make sure you pay the bill on time ; )

Guide Step by Step

1. Click here to, you need to download the plugin to watch the movie in HD. Click the download menu and install the plugin after you download. The veetle plugin works with Window and Linux. Just follow the simple guide. Its only download and install.

2. After that you are ready to watch your favorite movie online. Just go to Channel in the menu on, and browse through the channel section, they have movie, sport, animation, tv series bla bla, just check it out. You can even watch live football channel. You need a good, fast and stable internet browser to watch movie at My suggestion is either Chrome or Firefox.

3. If you have hdmi port at your laptop, you can plug it to your LCD tv like I did. Trust me you will love it. Just make sure you use LAN cable to your modem to get maximum speed of your internet. The minimum speed required to watch the movie is 3Mbps. So if your Streamyx is that fast then you can join the movie marathon. No ads, No lagging just hundred of latest and old movie for you to enjoy . To test if your download speed is good, visit and run their test.

** You cannot find porn movie here : ). Trust me

What you should know about

  1. HD Channels : Watch live streaming channels in high resolution and stunning quality. You’ll feel like you’re watching an HD TV. We use the latest codecs for the best video quality.
  2. Free : It’s free to download the plugin, free to watch, and free to live stream your own videos.
  3. Extremely Fast : Don’t sit for hours as your video is buffering on other websites. Tune into Veetle channels                  within a second. Enjoy smooth live streaming video for hours.
  4. View on iPhone and iPad : Our most popular channels are available on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. You don’t need to download an app. It works in the Safari browser. Just go to to enjoy our channels.
  5. Start Your Own TV Station : Live stream instantly in HD from your computer and let everyone in the world watch your live video online. There’s no limit on bandwidth or the number of viewers. Start broadcasting in HD now!


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