Marketing or Sales? Which is right for you?

By | January 31, 2012

If the field of Marketing has always held allure for you, then Marketing Assistant Job Description might be something you would be interested to check out to get started in this industry. A marketing assistant is expected to shoulder responsibility for a successful marketing campaign. A marketing assistant would be expected to contribute in all areas of marketing, from the inception and development of a marketing strategy to general market research to organization and implementation of the marketing strategy for a particular product. The work life is generally quite hectic, and it is not a typical 9 to 5 job. But it is a job which involves a lot of activity and travel, and is always interesting as each day presents you with different challenges and tasks.

One needs to excel in the role of a Marketing Assistant in order to fulfill Marketing Manager Job Description. In order to make the transition from marketing assistant to marketing manager, one must demonstrate exceptional out of the box thinking and creativity, which is very necessary to succeed in this field. They are also expected to have strong organizational skills and excellent written and verbal communication skills. In depth knowledge of, and experience in working with different types of marketing strategies will definitely be considered a bonus. Multitasking is another important characteristic required of people to excel in this job role. Marketing Managers are different from Marketing Assistants in their higher pay scale, and that they have more responsibilities and are the main decision makers when it comes to the marketing campaign of any company. Marketing assistants typically work under the guidance of marketing managers.

If you are interested in marketing, but think you are better at convincing people to buy a product personally, rather than developing marketing strategies etc, then sales associate would be a perfect job role for you. Sales Associates are responsible for getting buys interested in the products that a particular company is marketing. This job also sometimes involves travel, and the crux of the job lies in convincing people about how using a particular product is beneficial to them and converting an interested buyer to an actual sale. They are responsible for earning direct revenue for the company by generating sales. This job is great for people with excellent communication skills and a persuasive, easygoing nature.

16 thoughts on “Marketing or Sales? Which is right for you?

  1. conference merchandise

    When I’m still a newbie in the industry, I thought that being a marketing associate is what I like. However, the more I prepare my marketing plan, the more I’m eager to sell it. Right now, I just love sales so much because of the income and I get the chance of meeting different people.

  2. custom items

    I surely first need to sell and to sell hard, in order to be a Marketing Manager. I take on the assistant role to somehow know the ins and outs of the frontliners in this field. Once done, that’s probably when I need to already transition to being a manager.

  3. mervyn

    Either is right. depends on our ability and our luck to get job that we want.

  4. Janet

    Depends on you which one the right to choose, for me..if you has more strengh in marketing, then do it!.

  5. botakilmu

    Marketing is more important than sale, because marketing will lead customer to buy anything we sale.If marketing fail,the sale fail too.


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