9 thoughts on “How to Activate New Maybank2u Security Features

  1. kidfx

    hahaha bijak la sangat maybank2u buat gitu.
    macam lucu pulak tengok gambar tu dah ready dgn frasa..klu dia suruh matchkan ke lagi ok kot

    1. lankapo Post author

      sekarang ni bro, mmg lah tk nampak kepentingan dia. IN future tk tahu lagi, penjenayah ni makin licik. Setakat password dengan TAC , mungkin boleh di crack. So for me better be safe.

  2. andreba

    It is terrible that they are forcing us to adopt such a feature, and remember more phrases and images and whatnots.

    I felt safe enough with the TAC system, they should make it optional.

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