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lankapo On March - 29 - 2011

Security Measures Update

Good news, Maybank2u has enhance its security features. You have to activate it by log in to your account and not thru email or sms. This is important, don’t easily get tricked to provide your username and password for this new security enhancement. Remember you have to do it your self. Maybank does not send out any e-mail or SMS requesting customers to provide personal banking ID or PIN or credit card information. Please do not log in through website links contained in emails supposedly from Maybank or other institutions. Be alert or you may fall victim to a financial scam.Why Maybank is the favorite bank for financial scammers. Easy , Maybank2u is the favorite online bank in Malaysia. A lot of people use it to pay bills online, pay car loans and even credit cards. So scammers want easy money.   Just like Windows. Its so popular then a lot of loosers want to hack and spread virus and trojan to get credit card number and details.

How to Activate

Below are step by step how to enchance security features on your Maybank2u account. Don’t worry its easy, you have to select your favorite image and answer 3 security questions.

1. Log in to yourMaybank2u account. Check the url and make sure its valid and with https.

first%20login How to Activate New Maybank2u Security Features

2. You will be asked to register with latest security feature that will be more secure and safe or later. Why wait do it now.

Screenshot 1.png How to Activate New Maybank2u Security Features

3. You have to choose the given image. This is not your profile picture so you cannot upload your own picture. Just choose one and insert a phrase that you can easily remember.Do not insert your Maybank2u user id or password.

Select%20image How to Activate New Maybank2u Security Features

4. You need to select any 3 out of 10 security questions and key in your answer in box provided. These questions will be used to verify yourself on selected transactions. Don’t worry the questions are easy. It will not involve calculus or add math icon smile How to Activate New Maybank2u Security Features

security%20questions How to Activate New Maybank2u Security Features

5. Next, you have to submit image, phrase and your 3 questions. Please REMEMBER your image, phrase and security questions. This is important.Because I can easily remember mine hehe.

Confirmation%20Secret%20questions How to Activate New Maybank2u Security Features

5. That is all. After this, your next login page will be different. Your chosen image and phrase will be displayed. If it is not your chosen image then better not to enter your password and report this to Maybank Customer Service.

first%20time%20login%20with%20new%20security How to Activate New Maybank2u Security Features
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pixel How to Activate New Maybank2u Security Features

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9 Responses

  1. I haven’t upgrade yet. Still lazy to do so :P Maybe later

  2. kidfx says:

    hahaha bijak la sangat maybank2u buat gitu.
    macam lucu pulak tengok gambar tu dah ready dgn frasa..klu dia suruh matchkan ke lagi ok kot

    • lankapo says:

      sekarang ni bro, mmg lah tk nampak kepentingan dia. IN future tk tahu lagi, penjenayah ni makin licik. Setakat password dengan TAC , mungkin boleh di crack. So for me better be safe.

  3. papabear says:

    alamak banyaknya steps.. so far dok tekan later jer hehe..

  4. lankapo says:

    tak la senang jek step dia.

  5. andreba says:

    It is terrible that they are forcing us to adopt such a feature, and remember more phrases and images and whatnots.

    I felt safe enough with the TAC system, they should make it optional.

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