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Last week I bought a new Wireless Broadband Router after finally fixing my Streamyx connection problem. It cost me around RM 145.Since I always try to hack my neighbor wireless network (which I always failed ) : ) so I think it’s better for me to get my own.



key features :

Up to 54 Mbps Wireless data rate

Up to 3x eXtended Range™ support to boost your Wireless network range to up to 200 meters (indoors) or 800meters (outdoors).

eXtended Range™ feature interoperable with other 3rd party devices

Compatible with IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u standards

Increased signal sensitivity for better Throughput.

Increased security with WPA/WPA2 and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK authentication and TKIP/AES encryption security

Built-in firewall supporting IP address filtering, Domain Name,filtering, and MAC address filtering

Integrated 4-port 10/100 Mbps Auto MDI-MDIX switch and detachable antenna

UPnP, Dynamic DNS, Static Routing, and VPN pass-through support

User-friendly Web browser-based configuration

Installation : easy start guide

  1. Connect your laptop to your Aztech router using Ethernet Cable
  2. Make sure your modem is connected to your router usually blue LAN cable from modem to WAN scoket.
  3. Make sure your laptop/pc detect the Wireless Broadband Router. Please check your computer network. Your network must establish connection now.
  4. Open your internet browser and type to login to Aztech Web Manager (Make sure you secure a connection LAN with your Router)
  5. Select dynamic ip and put your Streamyx log in id (must be username@ streamyx  only without .com) and password

How to secure your wireless home network ? This is important to protect your wireless network from intruders or hackers.

  1. select wireless menu setup
  2. change SSID
  3. apply security by selecting WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
  4. ENTER a PSK passphrase with a combination of number and letter
  5. click save
  6. WALA your connection is ON

official site : aztech wireless broadband


  • I like it and i think I’m gonna use it in future

  • Hello,
        Came across your blog accidentally.I have also just bought a new Aztech router to solve my  Streamyx slow response.
     I have a problem.The sales guy configured the router for me.My nephew is able to use his wireless on his thinkpad but when I try to use mine later,I am not able to use the wireless.It gives the flwg msg while trying to connect:
      DHCP NOT RESPONDING.Unable to assign an IP address.

     Anything wrong with my wireless setup.

  • Hi ang,
    I think you have to configured your laptop wireless connection.

    • Go to your Network connection.
    • Wireless connection.
    • Click to detect new wireless connection
    • If your laptop find your wireless network, click the network and enter your password
    • Make sure your set you IP address to obtain automatically
    • Your Aztech will set it for you.

    Hope it helps

  • Good afternoon Azlan,
       My thinkpad is able to detect the Aztech network after it was configured but when attempting to establish connection with the network it failed with the DHCP message mentioned earlier.Yes,i have set the IP address to be obtained automatically.Am I missing any steps in the setup or has it got to do with the router setting.


  • hi ang ,

    Have you check your nephew laptop configuration setting with your thinkpad. If you previously use other wireless network maybe it conflict somehow.

    Try to search for How to IP flush/DNS flush.

  • Hi Azlan,
       Still no luck.Have checked and compare my nephew laptop configuration with mine.It is exactly the same.Have also done a IP flush/DNS flush.Still not ok.I am really running out of idea what is the problem.Even direct connection using LAN cable does not work.

  • Ang,
    Well I think this problem is beyond my capability. Maybe you should send to repair center to check your ThinkPad.

    Have you try connecting using direct streamyx without the wireless router ?

  • Morning Azlan,

                  Looks like it.Will need to send to repair centre.Anyway,nice chatting with you and thanks for your tips.

  • Hi Ang,

    Yup final solution that is, send to the expert. Hope it won’t take long to repair.

  • Hi, i just bought new azrtech wireless broadband router same as the picture above. i am using streamyx and i try to put the cable into wan port but nothing happen even the streamyx connection is cannot be achieved. when i change it to the ethernet port, internet can be accessed. futhermore, i try to open the aztech web manager, but the page displayed firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at so, how it coulld be happen?

    Any solution for this?

    • @ Ary – I got few questions for you.
      1. When do manage to connect to internet, using modem alone or with Aztech Wireless Broadband Router?

      2. If you cannot established connection with Aztech, how can you manage to create connection with Streamyx or with your laptop ?

      – Local Connection must be established before you set up Wireless Network.
      – After that you can edit using Astech Web Manager

  • I want to ask…
    how to setting WAN…
    what should i choose.
    dynamic ip or….
    and the step…

    • @ Razwan – What do you mean by WAN ?
      – What are you trying to setup , wired network or wireless network ?

      If you want to setup Wireless Broadband Network
      1- Get a Streamyx account and buy Aztech Wireless Broadband Router
      2- Connect your Streamyx Broadband modem using blue Ethernet cable to your Aztech Wireless Broadband Router at WAN socket
      3- Connect your laptop using Ethernet cable to the Aztech Wireless Broadband Router at any 4 LAN socket.
      4- Make sure your Power, Network LED at Streamyx modem is turned on and stable.
      5- Open a browser and go to This opens the screen.
      6- Enter


      as the username and password
      7- From the webmanager, click

      Quick Setup

      and then click


      8- The quick setup screen provides three options to connect to the internet –

      PPPoE, Dynamic IP,Statistic IP

      9- For Streamyx account choose


      10- Enter your Streamyx id and password – remmeber only put your

      user id@streamyx

      only without .com

      You will able to connect to internet after that.
      Secure your Wireless Network :
      # In the left pane under basic settings select wireless menu setup
      # Replace the default SSID to more familair term to you.SSID means Service Set Identifier.This will be you Wireless Network
      # Select

      Enabale Security

      # For security type, select


      # ENTER a PSK passphrase with a combination of number and letter (this will be your Wireless Network password)
      # Then click save

      Now you have setup successfully Streamyx Wireless Broadband Network !

  • i have try the step that you tell..
    but it still can’t connect to internet..
    can you give me more explaination how to setting the router..
    how about the mac addres….

  • @ razwan,
    Pls tell me what is the problem ?
    -do you manage to log in to Aztech Broadband Wireless Router ?
    – You don’t have to change the MAC address
    – Do you put your Streamyx user name as
    username@streamyx  only and then
    password.- ini yang penting sekali. Streamyx aja, .com tak payah

  • saya dah bt dah…
    tp dia xconnect internet pn…
    ip adress still jd gk…
    cm na ek..

    • @razwan,
      kadang-kadang aku pun kena macam tu.
      Modem ko pakai, modem yg streamyx bagi ke?
      Model apa?
      Ko dah try connect guna modem sahaja tak, boleh tak connect to internet?
      Lampu dekat modem, nyala tak tiga2?

  • menyala…
    suma menyala.. kalu pakai modem saja blh msuk..
    bla aku connect p router wireless xblh.. suma lampu menyala dah..
    streamyx bg modem model billion..
    kena setting modem yg streamyx bg 2 x kalu nak pakai router wireless 2..?

    • hehehe relax, aku tahu mesti tension kalau tak buleh log in ni.
      Ok since ko buleh log in thru direct modem ke streamyx, so modem takder masalah.

      So buleh concentrate on Aztech Broadband Wireless Router je, must be some setting yg salah.
      Modem tak payah adjust biarkan je.Ok untu setting Router tu, ko dah ikut semua dah step yg aku bagi tuh.
      Cable LAN dan WAN antara modem, router dan laptop cucuk betul dah? If laptop can detect network thru Router then cable dgn network tkde masalah.
      Setting Streamyx kat router tu yg ada something wrong.

      how about ko try reset dulu Router tuh, try cucuk lubang halus kat belakang tuh

  • Thanks for teaching us how to do the setting,but now my question is :those setting is it only for using streamyx manual dialing?how about by using automatic without pressing streamyx icon?
    My modem:DB102
    Ya,one more question:why my IP adress is by streamyx)what is diffent and
    Hope u reply as soon as possible,thanks 

    • @ Iboyz32,
      thanks for coming here. Actually setting that I wrote is for automatic connection with Streamyx. The login and password is for one time setting. To get automatic connection to streamyx just get Broadband Router or Wireless Broadband Router. is just an IP number usually set by router. It just a number, dont worry it will do no harm. You gong to need it to set ip number for other computer to avoid IP conflict.

  • hye…

    my problem is i cannot access to internet when my PC is connect to LAN wireless router but my laptop can connect to internet using wireless.

    i already change my LAN cable and the LAN connection is OK but cannot connect to internet.

    Please help me…thanx

  • Hi, want to ask. i manage to setup the wifi connections. i had a PC that is connect through the LAN cable to the Aztech router. while my laptop is accessing the wifi connection.

    The problem is i am not able to share my PC folder to laptop and the other way round. when i click on the computer near me in XP i did not see the other party.

    Please help. Both my PC and laptop is with WinXp

    • @ liang,
      Ok, so you want to share your network with your pc and laptop.

      Xp is easy usually. Have you manage to surf internet with your laptop and pc ?

      For a start, check your network name. right click at computer icon and select properties. check your network workgroup? is it the same with your laptop?
      make sure it the same.

      Second, right click at your folder that you want to share and click sharing properties.

      Hope it helps thanks

  • Hi there!

    I have the same problem as Razwan mentioned above, where my router does not connect to the internet, so when I tried the step no.4, which is to type into the internet browser, I got the message ‘Page cannot be displayed’.

    I have already checked that the internet modem is connected to the internet by plugging the cable directly to my laptop ethernet port. So I guess there is a signal problem between the router and internet modem? I suspected IP conflict as well, I tried changing the IP of my wireless but the problem is not solved.

    Razwan, may i know how do you solve your problem at last? Anyone has any idea how to deal with it?

    Thanks for helping.

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    • yes its working gr8 true cable
      but cant get it to connect to internet via wireless
      it sayes limitet conection in wierlesssssss
      am i stuped or what ???
      im even a computer eng and cant get this to work
      so nice 😀

  • i follow all the guideline above. but until the instruction number 4, i open my internet browser and type type 192.168.1. i keep getting “this webpage is not available”.

  • me too…;(

  • I just bought this router..however only 1 day can be used after i off the modem and the router, once i ON it back i can see the connection but cannot open web page… can anyone help me with this..thanks

    • @ bardzainal,

      boleh explain detail sket tk? if before this ok, just on off je shoul be no problem. Boleh bukak tak

  • hi Gayoe,
    Its easy. You always can find the step on the manual.
    Its depend on your type and model of Wireless Broadband Router.
    What I would suggest is to read the manual first. You can setup your Wifi at in your browser.

    In term of user id and password, totally depend on your router.

  • hi..i want to ask…i’ve using a streamyx with aztech router..the problem is my wireless can only connect with one laptop on one time…plus i can’t also use my wireless to connect it with my phone..can you help??thanx

    • hi wan,
      1. Did your phone detect your wifi signal ?
      2. DO you follow the step by step to set up your wifi on the manual?

      I think your wifi setting is not set accordingly.

      • i’m not sure coz after i came back it was already setup..i manage to open the setting from ip my problem have to do with the setting which was wpa/wpa2.
        do i need to change it to wep??
        to access to internet..i have to connect to wifi and also have to click dial up from my laptop..
        i want the wifi can be shared alltogether but also have security code..
        can u help me.??

        • salam wan,

          Maybe you can check at your setting page, for internet connection. Set your internet connection in your router.

          Then you can connect to internet when you are connected to your wifi.

  • How to assign a security code to my aztech router.Pls help

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  • hi
    i have a new aztech modem no. 1015en
    ive connected with a cable and i whant it to connect true wirless
    how can i config ???

    • @ Sam,
      Simple bro, just follow the step I wrote. its easy, just follow my easy start guide.

      • it that i have connected true the cable as yu said
        and to check my internet suplyer ive even created broad band connection and connected to internet true ths connection
        now that im goying to set the wireless connection when i dissconnect the cable i just get limitted connection
        and to set other thing is asking me a password
        in the manual i have the pass as “aabbccddee” but its not working
        ive even entered the pass my provider gave me but no not working
        and yhe link is also not working (the seler told to use this ip address not the but i have even checked both)
        so can you pleas help me ???
        im using win vista home

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  • maaf.. saya terlupa username n password dan saya dah pun call streamyx n dapat username n password.. tp saya x boleh acsses masuk pon… adoi pening kepalo ni hanya nak tukar paswword wireless jer pon… adoi

      • salam shafie,

        username and pasword tu untuk akaun sreamyx. klu just nk tukar paswrd wifi kena login kat internet browser, Masukan username and password, klu tak de ubah defaultnya username and password adalah : tmuser

        Bila dah masuk page tu, boleh setting balik wifi.

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