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Ubuntu has launched a new Youtube Channel, Celebrate Ubuntu to promote Ubuntu. The commercial featured a lot of Ubuntu Key performance for marketing. Which is a good step to grab the attention and interest of other PC user to try Ubuntu.

I am not asking you to try install it straight away. But you can try it using LiveDVD. Get the feel of Ubuntu. Feel the power open source

Choose Ubuntu

Google will stop AdSense video units end of this April

Image via CrunchBase

It’s look like Adsense Team has decided to retire their video units feature (YouTube content and video ads on your pages) by  end of this April for not reaching their target. This feature actually is not available for Adsense publisher in Malaysia, I don’t think it will affect much to us.

Seriously, who want to click a ad link appeared on the video, it’s quite annoying actually. So I think it the right move for Adsense to stop this feature.

For Adsense publisher that use this feature please remove the video units from your page and replace it with content ad units. If not your page will be turn up side down since all  video unit sizes will show standard embedded YouTube players.

Guys, so you can concentrate more on your content now 🙂

Starting today, the option to sign up for video units is no longer available to new publishers. If you’re currently displaying video units, we recommend that you start removing the video unit code from your pages as soon as possible so you can optimize your available ad space in advance.

Please be assured that any earnings you’ve generated from video units in the past will still be credited to your AdSense account.

Checkout: Sunsetting video units feature

Video Adsense Unit approved in Australia and Japan

Another good news for publisher base on Australia and Japan, you all can make more money by using Adsense on Video.I think the most interactive way to earn money online. As you know, by putting video on your site from YouTube will attract more visitor to your site. Video like hot celebrities,music video,blogging tips and tutorial are the best option to increase traffic and attract user and definitely increase your earnings.

Hopefully Malaysia will be in the list for Video Units.As for now I already embedded YouTube video on several of my blog to make it more interesting and who knows Google will approved in the near future.



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