D-Link Modem and Aztech Wireless Broadband Router :IP Conflict

My Streamyx Saga continues with searching for a new modem. I and my wife went to the nearest Computer shop in Jaya Jusco , Equine Park.We chose to buy a D Link modem cum router since its the only modem available. Then I told the story about my lightning problem with the sales person. He suggested to me to buy a Belkin Power Surge. It will block the surge/lightning from damaging my modem.Network

At that time, I realise that the lightning damage my modem thru phone cable and not power cable since the main fuse will cut excessive current when  lightning. So I have to spend more money to buy Belkin Power Surge to protect my modem from lightning. The D-Link cost me RM 99 + Belkin Power Surge RM 144 = RM 243.

I did ask the the sale person about modem setting since I already have Aztech Wireless Broadband router. He simply replied just plug and play. That easy..

Setting Problem with Aztech Modem Wireless and D-Link Modem with Router


When I got back home, immediately I unwrapped the box and install the D link modem and Belkin Surge Protector. The Belkin Power protector was easy to install, just plug in the phone cable thru the socket and plug in another cable to output and connect it to my modem.

As for modem, I configure it as usual. Connect my modem to Aztech Wireless Broadband Router direct using LAN cable. Whn I turn on my Acer laptop, there was no connection. Only local network.But no connection with internet.

So I tried connection with D-Link modem only without Aztech Wireless Router, the Internet and Streamyx seem to work fine.The problem was the connection or configuration setting of  D-Link Modem and Aztech Wireless Router. After giving a lot of thoughts and self testing, I gave up. It just did not work and I cannot connect to Internet wireless ly!

As usual I try to search and Google about configuration and setup tutorial in the net. But failed to find the solution.Until I asked Adi, he simply replied ” IP conflict”. He told me to change the IP address of modem or router since it use the same IP,, after changing the IP address of my Aztech Broadband Wireless Router, my internet life is back :).Thanks to Adi.

Back Online

Right now, I can surf internet without worrying about any lightning effect. Since I have Belkin protection and new D-Link modem. However, there is a simple solution for lightning protection for your modem.Just pull out the phone cable from your modem. Well I am not willing to sneak under my table to pull out phone cable during raining and put it back each time I want to use i. Just be safe.

My Streamyx Broadband Modem is not Working after Lightning

Nature - Lightning Last week, my Billion Modem (a broadband modem supplied by TM ) was damage due to lightning. Lets do some flashback..

Lightning History

That was the second time my modem was struck by lightning. The first incident happened early this year. My internet connection was down when I got back home  with my family from my sister’s in law house.My house was blacked-out and the main switch was turned off. So I tried to check my connection and configuration.After trying to reconfigure my Aztech Wireless Broadband Router, connect and reconnect to modem still did not solve the problem. I suspected that my modem was damaged even though the power and connection  LED was on. Finally, my intuition was right when my modem was not working when I tested at my office Streamyx Connection.

So I called TM Customer Service, as usual they will asked you to check your setup and network connection. After they were satisfied that my networking configuration was fine,they told me that they will ask their technician to fix the problem in 2 days. But after 2 days, the technician did not show up. I made another friendly call to TM asking what wrong with their technical support.

Immediately the next day, a guy from TM came to my house and brought a new modem. He tested Streamyx connection and made a direct connection with my modem by Ethernet cable, and confirmed that my modem was damaged by power imbalance where an unexpected increase in the current voltage, also known as surge. It usually cause by lightning.

The 2nd Strike

My problem internet  was solved after getting new modem. I thought the lightning can only damage your electronic device through power cable. So every time when I go to work, I will turn off the main switch.But I was wrong, when my house blacked-out again and my internet connection was down. Not Again, I said to myself. When I checked, there was no connection with modem using Ethernet cable. So my modem was damaged.

This time, I directly called TM and report about my modem. Again, TM always surprised me. The customer service told me, they cannot replace my modem anymore as the modem warranty is just for 1 year. WHATTT !!!. He told me to buy new one by myself. If you read my previous entry, Streamyx Bill Paid Online, I did mention that my Merdeka  Unlimited Package (Streamyx ) is for 2 years that end October next year.

Broadband Dilemma

What choices do I have ? I have to bought new modem to replace my Billion Streamyx Modem. Somehow I felt I was unfairly treated as a customer. Why do you offer a service that I have to oblige for 2 years but your product warranty is just for 1 year? On top of that, you gave me a cap Ayam brand modem that cannot withstand surge while my Aztech Wireless Broadband works perfectly fine.. I will tell you what is the main cause of my Modem being damage again and again.Poor Me

Pay Streamyx Broadband Internet Bill Online but still got Suspended

Last month I received a phone call from TM asking me to pay my overdue phone and Streamyx bill. If not they will suspend my Streamyx account the next day. So the next morning, I switched on my laptop and surfed to Maybank2u and paid the bill online as usual. Then in the evening, my wife called and she told me that the internet was down. I was surprised since I have already paid the bill nearly the full amount, so I called TM Customer Service.

Sorry We Did Not Receive Your Money

The guy told me, they did not receive my payment. I explained to him that I already paid through Maybank2u this morning. Then he asked me to give my payment reference number. He said that my account will be activated in 1 – 7 days. I said to him, 7 days are you kidding me. I cannot live without internet for 24 hours. Before I started to burst my disappointment, he immediately offered his help to activate my account in 24 hours. That sounded fair enough.

The next morning, still my Streamyx account was not activated. However, in the evening my wife called with joyful mood since Streamyx was already online.So next time, pay your overdue bills cash at TM center to avoid delay from the online activation. In other words pay your bill on time :).

Wireless Broadband

Actually, I wanted to change my Unlimited Merdeka Package RM 79 per month to a much cheaper package. Unfortunately my agreement with TM said that I have to use the Merdeka Package for 2 years which will end on next October 2009. Reason ? I wanted to subscribe to Wireless Broadband so that I would still have coverage even though when I go back to my hometown. I only use my Unlimited Streamyx at night after work or during weekend, which by the way, I would be out most of the time visiting my relatives or shopping.

I just want to be broadband efficient and not wasting my bandwidth :). It actually occurs to my mind to switch to Maxis /Celcom Wireless Broadband but maybe next year…

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