Set Up Unifi email to Thunderbird 8.0

What is your favorite webmail ? I prefer using Thunderbird than Outlook. Thunderbird design have simple and nice layout. You can integrate Google Calendar and many adds on. The most important thing it is open source. You can read more about Thunderbird features here.  Thunderbird is a free email application that’s easy to set up and customize, the latest version now is 8.0. If you wat

With Unifi, you will be entitle with free 2Gb Unifi email. Your password will be given on a piece of paper (Registration Confirmation) together with all other services details and password such as HyppTV Residential, Residential Voice and Streamyx Zone Account. I try to change the password at the email setting, but could not find one. So in case you forgot your Username or Password? Please call TM UniFi Centre 1-300-88-1221 for assistant. (more…)

BlogCatalog Automated Spam Software

Just last week, an online friend of mine introduce me to a software that can browse BlogCatalog and add comment. So  I read on the sales page and it says that you try it for free. So I click to download it .

It is called TrafficPsyche. My first thought was, this software is something like Comment Kahuna that can browse certain niche and certain PR of blogs and you can leave comment. Since he told me that this software  is not a spam and will I will get more friends and traffic,. So I thought why not give it a try.

Beware of this Automated Spam Software

DOS Format Only

So when I installed it, it’s totally in DOS format. Just provide your BlogCatalog ID and password. After that write your comment and choose which group that you like to browse. Wah, this is so easy.

When I click the R for RUN button and enter, I don’t see any of BlogCatalog website and group but only dot dot dot. The software only provide text update and will tell you which account that it surf and leave my message.

Bad Boy

Not once in my mind thought that this automated software will ruin my reputation in Blogcatalog. My nigthmare begins when I cannot log in to my account and all my blog and comment dissapeard.

After that I realise I was banned and I just spammed the whole BlogCatalog community. Immediately, I sent email to the admin asking for forgiveness by statting that  I was tricked and stupid. Sadly they reply that my action was an insult to the BlogCatalog community and refuse to activate my account back as for now.



I would like to apologise to all BlogCatalog Community and their Administration. I am really a bad boy, but people tend to make mistake rite. Spamming is bad for your reputation as blogger and for your health. Why ? Because nobody will come to my blog again and I will get depression hehehe.

BlogCatalog has been help me a lot for all this year, build my reputation and increase my traffic. If I only knew that my action would jeopardize my account, of course i will not use that software.Plus, I will be extra careful in the future.

Entrecard Toolbar – Drop till you Popular

Mozilla FirefoxImage via Wikipedia


If you are an Entrecard user then I strongly suggest you to use their latest Entre Card Toolbar.Only Available for Firefox browser only. This toolbar will enhance your browsing daily and save your time.

Quick Account Switching

What I like the most about this toolbar is the ability to switch between any account you own. As for me, I got 12 accounts  of Entrecard so it really time wasting to log in and  check  each of my account.This toolbar is really my saviour.


Entrecard Menu

You can see your menu here, such as Messages,Your Ads,Statistic and Linked Blogs.Usually I will run to dashboard to see, pending ads or new message.

Who,How and What to browse

Entrecard toolbar also allow you to choose type of blog from your inbox,favourite, or popular blog with different categories. So its really up to you. You can choose as you like.

Jump Button

You also can open 10 blogs in a row to drop your card. So you can drop till you reach 300 blog per day. Now that  is what I like.Previously I open and save popular blog manually, now just with a click of a button only.

Notes from the Developer

The toolbar is available at the link below. Please note the following::

  • The toolbar only works with Firefox 2 or 3. This will not work with other web browsers.
  • You must have an Entrecard account, the toolbar provides no functionality otherwise.
  • The toolbar should be compatible with Firefox on all operating systems, Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Under NO circumstances should you download the toolbar from any other source than Entrecard itself. Using modifications by third parties may result in the theft of your account information.
  • The Entrecard toolbar does not keep track of any browsing habits or information other than that directly relevant to your Entrecard operations. If there is no widget on a page, the toolbar will pay no attention to it.

The latest version of the toolbar is currently 0.7. New versions of the toolbar should be downloaded to your browser automatically when it restarts.

Important: When you click on the link below, a bar may appear at the top of the window asking whether you wish to allow this site ( to provide extensions. You need to click Allow if you want to use this toolbar.

  • Download the Entrecard Toolbar

Free and easy update for all your software

Image via CrunchBase, source unknown

If you find it hard to find update for each of your software. You don’t have to so because we have Update Checker

What is it?
The Update Checker will scan your computer for installed software, check the versions and then send this information to to see if there are any newer releases. These are then neatly displayed in your browser for you to download.

But it gets better…
The client is FREE, only 100kb to download and only takes seconds to run! In fact on our test machines the process is complete in under 2 seconds!

What are the requirements?
The Update Checker works on any Windows PC running Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 or 98.
It requires that the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is installed, which you may download directly from here.

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Windows Live Writer Perfect Tool for Blogging

If you asked me what are the best tool that Microsoft ever created, I got to admit Window Live Writer is the answer.

You can add plug in so that can you insert video , map, flicker image and website image. The most important of all you write offline and upload when you have the connection. It is easy since you can get the actual view when upload it on your blog website.

If you want to get more tips and tweak on how to use please visit

You can download it here

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