Churp Churp Cash Out Yeay!

Another cheque is on the way. This time it is from Churp Churp. I have wrote entry about this Churp Churp. Making money using Twitter in Malaysia

In average you will earn around RM 8 per campaign. The threshold is at RM100 and unlike Nuffnang just RM50. But cash out terms is still the same 30 days after cash out.

What more do you want to know ? Its easy, just tweet about the campaign using your own words and get approval within 2 days. Make sure you use the given keywords.


Making Money online nowadays is easy rite. You just got to know where to find it 🙂

Make Money with your Twitter : Churp Churp

Beside making money online from Google Adsense, Nuffnang, and Baclinks, there is a new online income that you earn called Churp Churp.

You got to have a twitter account and to be Malaysian or Singaporian :). This churp churp is like a younger brother to Nuffnang.

Before this I joined a few making money from twitter such as twivert ,twitfly etc. But none are really promising and make money for me.

churp (more…)

Tune Money is on Twitter


Many people and corporate nowdays enjoying using Twitter as their medium to communicate with other. Including @ adsense and even @ air asia has their own Twitter account now.

I am happy to tell you that @ tunemoney has also launched their own Twitter account. If you’re a Twitter user and have problem or something to say about Tune Card or Tune Money Service, then Tweet about it 🙂

If you can see from the picture, last Tweet was last 30th March, so they will keep their account updated. If you are still facing problem with Tune Money, maybe contacting Mr Tony Fernandez @Tony Fernandez might be a good idea hehe.

100% Free Scripts, Hosting, Ebooks & More At DP Forum


Hi to all my readers,

Today I want to share a great Forum that offers Tips on SEO, Making Money Online,Affiliate and Internet Tips. The forum not other than DP Forum. Plus you can get freebies like PHP scripts,EBook and hosting at freebies section under Buy Sell and Trade.

Free Hosting & EBook

There is one DP user that share huge list of e-book and software at by ranzuken as Christmas gift.Aprt from that you still can enjoy free hosting at Really Free Website.They offer everyone 200 MB of storage and 25 GB of bandwidth, perfect for small websites, such as blogs and forums, but also for PTC sites, proxies and auction websites.

Make Money Opportunities

Usually some user will offer money just to do simple thing. Just now I received USD 1 through PayPal for tweeting for one of the user. Just vote his website through Twitter. Easy Money. DP Forum is also Adsense revenue sharing, you can put your Adsense Publisher ID and your Adsense ad will be displayed on the DP Forum.

If you really want to make some extra money online, do research in DP Forum and see what is out there for you to do to make some money. Try to find something you enjoy doing so you don’t get discouraged and give up. There are many opportunities for you to try. Good Luck Guys..

Add Twitter Gadget to your Gmail

Image via CrunchBase, source unknown

There is new Gmail gadget in town. Guess what you can embedded  Twitter inside your Gmail account. It will let you view your public timeline and auto refresh every 3 minutes.

You can also view replies, direct messages and post updates. Before you use Google Gadget, make sure you have enable custom gadgets in Gmail where you can find it under Labs page under  Setting.

After that, you just insert the URL via the news “Gadgets” link you’ll have under Settings – – then enter your Twitter ID and Password.

Since I will open my Gmail first when I’m online, I can post and reply my twitter message at the same time. Save my time and click. Because I have many thing to click and drop when I’m online ;).


TwitterGadget is a clean, robust, web 2.0 style client for, designed to eliminate the need to install third-party applications to monitor and submit status updates to Twitter via your iGoogle homepage.

TwitterGadget is completely AJAX based, meaning, at the user-specified refresh interval, only the status update content is refreshed in-line, on the gadget page. This means reduced bandwidth utilization between you and, while providing for a more user-friendly experience.

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