Myspace should be Mysporn

Last week I decided to delete my unused social network such as Friendster and MySpace. Since Facebook is the main attraction now.

I still can remember how excited we were when  opening our MySpace account back those college days. Having so many friends and edit our glittering  MS page.

Now, all  I can see is that this teenager are looking more to bargains. Using half naked woman and fake picture, they are now sexual predators. Asking for YM id, phone number to get in touch. Most of all, some of this guy use fake semi nude women to ask for mobile top up and bank in money to have sex with them. Can you believe that. I am not sure whether all of them are fake, maybe some are real woman, but its still sick. This is what we call prostitution online.

MySpace sexy pictures

Half Naked Picture

I can guarantee you that all almost all user using fake picture and all of them are guys. The only valid profile are young female teenagers as young as 12 to 15 years old. They are the one who easily give their phone number and YM id on the comment section. They are influenced by sexual activity by using explicit photos and obscene language such as horny and want to get naughty.

That is why you can read on the newspaper more and more rape cases on teenager are reported.This young girls being tricked to run away from home and followed their online boy friend but in the end they are just another victim. The modus operandi is all the same and should be stopped.

I definitely suggest that Malaysian government should just ban this MySpace or Mysporn I would like to call it. Its only a pool of horny and pervert guy that target under aged girl.

Beware of Sexy Girl Online, It Might be a Black Hat Technique

If you happened to check online advertisement about a girl looking for intimate relationship and asking you to send her an email, be extra careful it might be a BLACK HAT SYSTEM technique.

I took a few hours last nite to read and understand a Black Hat Technique e-book, its quite interesting. It show how a man weakness is being exploited by other people to earn a lot of money. Sometime it’s funny when a man will get excited and willing to do anything just to get know a girl he met online.


The Modus Operandi is quite similar. Seduce a man using a horny girl as a bait to click a link and eventually this poor man will sign up for affiliate product or service. (more…)

What I love about Facebook

I have been never using Facebook so extensively, until recently when I found my old friend from primary school . Can you imagine, for 18 years we never/lost contact with each other after UPSR then suddenly  we say hi again. This is miracle. 🙂 . I have to refresh back my memories when I was in Sekolah Kebangsaan Angkatan Tentera Kebun Teh Johor Bharu. (Standard 6). Its really hard, but gradually the image/memories keep coming back. Thanks to all my friends for helping me. It is so touching to meet you guys back.

I got to admit that I have misused Facebook to broadcast new entry on my blog. So in order to get more traffic to my link, I add a lot of friend without even saying thank you for adding me. Bad boy hehe.Up until now, I have 980 friends and counting :). So why I like facebook ? Clean Layout Facebook layout is clean and easy to use compare to Myspace and Friendster. Although thousand of Facebook has been created for Facebook, but I prefer to get to know/search my old friend. You can also follow your friend’s update,picture and children. So Facebook is more suitable for adult then teenager which prefer blink blink in their page. Event Organizer Plus, you can even create invitation/event to all your friend. So you can plan /organise  your event when your friend confirming their attendance. You can provide maps and all the details about your party 🙂 Share and tagged picture Upload old picture and tagg all your friend. Share the sweet memories and make you smile. The best part every time you tagged your friend into your picture, Facebook will let them know. You can also upload and share your video with your Facebook friend and tagg them hehe. You can also install and use thousand of Facebook application if you like. No matter what you do with Facebook, remember it’s not the number of friend that counts but how many people’s heart that you have touch. So I would like to thanks to facebook creator, Mark Zukerberg for his contribution on Social Networking. Without Facebook I think, I will never meet my old old friends again. Thanks bro.

Use to update all your social network

My previous post, Updating your status in Twitter using Twitterfeed. But now I want to share with you guys a new tool that can be use to update all your social network and blogger. Man, this tools make life more easier 🙂 allow us to use up to 20 plus Social Network. The picture shows all social network that I use to update my status from Twitter to Yahoo 360. I use this tool to increase my blog exposure to all my friend and hopefully increase my traffic. It just impossible to update and tell all all your network that you have post new entry rite. So will get all the jobe done for you.

Unlike twitterfeed, you have to type your message in and you can choose to post the link on all your network or on selected network.

Triggers System

The trigger system make it easier for you to post on different have broken down the services into  three groups; blogging, micro-blogging and status updates. 

You can control how your messages are posted as well as where. If you don’t include a trigger from below in your message, your message will be delivered as your default method. 


@s message – Posts a status update
@b title^body – Posts a blog
@m message – Posts a micro-blog 

If you are posting a blog, be sure to include the ^ seperator in your message or it won’t be delivered to your blogging services.

Lets get more traffic and click from all your social network. Don’t worry it is not spam, just updating your status 🙂



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