Update your Calendar 2012 with Google Calendar

2012 is just around the corner. Time fly so fast. Are you ready for 2012 ? Be organize and plan your holidays by updating your Google Calendar with Malaysia’s Public Holiday for 2012.

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With Google Calendar not only you can update Malaysia’s Public Holiday, but also from other country like Europe and Asia. You also can get weather update, Islamic Holidays and your favorite football team fixture and result.

You also can get notification thru sms and email for your wife birthday and anniversary. This is important because sometime you will tend to miss it. So better be prepared. Plus you can make it annually, just set the date to notify you annually, so easy.


How to Index Your BlogSpot Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools

Hi Everybody,

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As we all know BlogSpot is friendly with Google Search Engine. But in order to get properly indexed by Google, submitting your Blogspot Sitemap to  Google Webmaster Tools is the right thing to do. Because Google uses your Sitemap to learn about the structure of your site and to increase coverage on  your WebPages.

  1. Login to your Google Webmaster Tools using your Google account.
  2. List your site and get verified by File Method Upload or Meta Tag Verification. You can follow the easy step on the webpage.

  3. Now, go to Sitemap Generator and create your blogger sitemap . You will get a site code just like –atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 . Copy the code and paste it in your webmaster Submit a Sitemap box.

site map generator

After few second your refresh it and get discovered that your site’s sitemap is submitted. It will displays how many links have been indexed by Google Bot.

Let’s get GOOGLED! 🙂


Sincerely Blogging or Blogging for Money


Recently I read Status of Raymond.CC Tech Blog Site , since his site has been totally silent last month. If this is your first time you ever heard about Raymond.cc, I will introduce a little bit about Raymond.cc, it is a popular Tech Site here in Malaysia providing tutorial, tools, free software and tips. We only know his name, no picture or profile. He like to be known for his site only and remain unknown to real world like AXXO in torrent world :).


My Low Adsense Earning and Pagerank Update

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Everytime when I switch on my laptop and surf internet. The first 4 site that I will check are my Gmail, Facebook,Malaysiakini and  Adsense Earning. Eventhough I don’t update my blog for 2 months. Just hoping that miracle happen and reader will click my Adsense Ad on my old post. I realise that to increase my Adsense earning, I have to write and update my blog regularly with fresh content . That is the only way. Hoping for people to read my old post and click my Adsense Ad is just selfish. (more…)

Top 10 SEO Mistakes That We Usually Make

Dog food at a supermarket in Brooklyn, New York.
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These are the dumbest mistakes and I’ve did some of them myself. These are not in any particular order or something.

9) Optimizing your website for a word related to your website, like Dog if you sell dog food, or business if you sell something related to business.

4) Getting backlinks, doing on page optimization and then doing keyword research, instead starting with keyword research.

3) Linking to linkspages from your homepage instead of linking to a link directory. So like page one, page two, page three and so on. When you realize your visitors don’t like it and you have to restructure your website, there’s a big chance you loose all link partners.

2) Thinking Google is bad, or they don’t like you and so you try to submit your website to search engines using a software or service to get your website indexed. It does not work so you hire someone to get it indexed… and then continue “seo”, one big mistake. Discover the problem not try to find a quick fix.

5) Trying to get a high pagerank instead of trying to master seo. Master seo, get the right knowledge and then you get high rankings not just high pagerank. Makes more sense!


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