Suddenly my blog is PR4!

There is one lady sent an email propose a business proposal. She want to pay me a certain amount to put links on this blog. I was skeptical and thinking this was another spam email. But I did reply. Then she show me sample of her links. When I agree about the terms and deal, she just never replied. Maybe its a scam anyway : )

So I just wonder why suddenly someone interested to advertise on my blog. I just rarely update and my Page Rank is not stable. Today can be 0 tomorrow it can be 3. I heard that Google is updating page rank.So I check. Tadaaa. My blog is PR4. I didn’t expect that my blog page rank will be increase to 4. Hahaha. Wow!. Just  2 thing here:

1- I don’t know how Google calculate this Page Rank but as you know I left this blog for about a few months. Just recently update my blog. So how come my blog can be PR4. This is not funny Google.

2- Maybe this PR4 thing just a mistake. We can call it PR glitch hehe. So I put PR status at my sidebar just to see how long this PR4 will last. You know what, back at those days, if you have a blog with PR4 you can make a lot of money by selling links, paid post and even selling advertisment space.

My advice, if you want to get higher PR just keep updating your blog and don’t copy paste. kEEP IT ORIGINAL!

This time its Personal

Google AdSense
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If you notice before this, I prefer to update MONEY related issue in this blog. Why ? Because I want to make money with adsense, increase traffic, increase SEO, pageRank bla bla bla. In short I just want to make money from my blog and I have to follow a lot of rules etc SEO, keyword in order for me to write.

In the end, when I have no stories or how to make money online, I am totally blank. That is why this blog is left alone for quite sometime. So now I decided to write whatever i like and share my knowledge with others. It can be about movies or chatting or personal findings. No more targeting certain keyword to get more traffic or click.

I also change this blog theme to make it clean and simple. The most important thing its updated and fresh content. What good can it bring by having beautiful theme and many ads without good content.

I was surprised to see that even my blog is not update my PR still 3. So I think this PR thing is playing with your mind. Believe me, just write what you like and ingore the rules.

I am not giving up with Adsense or cannot make money online, it just not a priority anymore. Last time i will check my adsense earning almost every hour even i don’t update my blog. I should ashame of this. Its like a burden.

Now I just don’t care. Its really a big relieve. No more pressure to update my blog with certain set of rules. I am a FREE man now haha

p/s See, I can write 3 entry in one night isn’t that great haha

My Low Adsense Earning and Pagerank Update


Everytime when I switch on my laptop and surf internet. The first 4 site that I will check are my Gmail, Facebook,Malaysiakini and  Adsense Earning. Eventhough I don’t update my blog for 2 months. Just hoping that miracle happen and reader will click my Adsense Ad on my old post. I realise that to increase my Adsense earning, I have to write and update my blog regularly with fresh content . That is the only way. Hoping for people to read my old post and click my Adsense Ad is just selfish. (more…)

Show Me Your Wife ?

Salam and Hi to all my friends..

Last month I found out there is a new popular keyword in my blog. I checked through my Nuffnang and totally surprised that I got 128 clicks just from Google Search for “show me your wife”.

horny wife

I never wrote about keywordthat keyword,honestly  until I saw the headlines of my blog in first page of Google Search.My title and blog title mislead all this perverts :). Actually I wrote about my wife blog is popular than me.  I was surprise because I never thought that with that kind of title, reader/horny people will think that my blog is a porn site. Poor them, guys..sorry to disappoint you. This blog is all about making money online and my experience with Google Adsense. If you happen to find nude or explicit image on this blog, then you are very lucky 🙂

Target High SEO Keyword

Anyway, from the Nuffnang statistic below, my blog received click from several keywords such as tunemoney,MNP, tune card and  CIMB click. All of this come from SEO and organic search. In my blogging experience it is important to target specific keyword to get notice by traffic and Google Bot.Usually first timer traffic that come to your blog will tend to click your ads. As regular Bloggers are Ad blind 🙂

One of my online friend invested in “Skim Cepat Kaya” such as BuluhMas to target this keyword. His intention just to share his experience. He blog about how he get paid, payment process and prove of payment. When the company is rushed by Bank Negara Malaysia, his blog is jammed with traffic searching for info on BuluhMas. He said this technique is much better than investing in Google Adwords.

Predict the Future

Well I am not asking you to follow his idea because it is quite risky. But at least you get his idea. Target and predict certain keyword that will probably become popular in the future base on your niche. Of course, you need to become expert on that keyword by searching for more related info and if you can, join the keyword  process. For example, if you target MNP keyword , you can blog about your experience on changing your Telco, the process, payment and your feedback.This is a good technique to get high traffic on experience on changing your Telco.

Your reader and visitor will keep coming to your blog to search for more info.Experience is the most valuable content. Your experience will be different with others and that makes it unique. Google love unique content :). So hopefully you can get higher Page Rank by putting more unique content and high traffic.

Finally, Want to see my wife 🙂

Since I don’t want to disappoint all those readers that click my blog to see my wife, I would like to show you my wife picture.


Like it, hahaha. What this is not my wife ? How do you know ? Ok lah this is Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, our best singer in Malaysia. . I had a crush on her when she was 16 and listening to her song. Some said my wife face resemble her :). You can check my wife blog at The Other Side Of Me.

I hope my keyword tips can help you plan your next entry on your blog. Remember to be unique and don’t watch Porn. 🙂

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Write because You Love It

Back in 2006, my intention to blog is to explore something new and just for fun. Since it is free like Blogspot and Plus, it’s really cool when you can tell your friend or chicks to visit your blog at rite ?. I am quite popular at that time. 🙂

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

So when l heard and confirmed by my colleague that you can make money online using Adsense , Nuffnang (Malaysian Ad Network) and others ads network, my intention totally changed to money now. So I just write what other blogger already done. Things like “Increase Your Traffic”,”Improve Your SEO Ranking” or “Make Money Online” are too saturated in this blogsphere. That’s add my blog to million of Making Money Online blog and just a John Chow wannabe. How can I tell other what to do when I am still a newbie too just like them.

Feeling Inspired

After reading How to Find Your Passion by Glen Allsopp from , I was inspired. I never look blogging the same way again. I should find my passion instead. The author guide you to find your inner strength and what you suppose to write about rather than following others foot step. Make your own.

Recently, I  only manage to update my blog once a week. Totally blank.I cannot think of something new on making money online, struggle to find the motivation to write and to come up with post ideas. Now I want to write all about my experience along the way on making money online, blogging tools and plugin that I want to share and anything that make me feel good by  sharing it for benefit of others. Sharing and not teaching, remember that.

My experience when I shares about using Tune Card was totally worth it. I manage to earn money through Adsense unintentionally and get high SEO ranking for the keyword of Tune Money and Tune Card. My post on experience using Tune Card, a prepaid Visa card to cash out money from PayPal become popular since I was the first to blog about it.

FYI, It took 12 month just to get $ 2 through Adsense, but only 2 months to reach $100 when I post about tune card. See,when you post a unique content that benefit others, money will come after that.

Lesson Learned Here

So if you want to be popular and become authority in your niche, be unique and share your experience and knowledge that will benefit others. Not just writing and following what already being told. Your reader will be like “I have seen that before”, “hey, I already read that in ProBlogger” hehe.

When you are expert at certain thing, you will write like a river flow . Ideas will keep coming. Remember money will follow  when you capture your reader intention.They will keep coming back to hear more from you. Just make sure you enjoy the excitement through blogging, because that is more important.

We can find a job,make loan or marry to a rich husband/wife to get money,but happiness is precious.

If you don’t enjoy blogging, then switch your niche ” lankapo

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