Make Easy Money with Facebook

I am not kidding you. This has been done by a lot of scammer here in Malaysia. They are making a lot of money by using Facebook. All you need are a lot of sexy picture and sweet talking ability. Because men are easy to control when we know what they want. Offer them something that they don’t want to refuse and they will do anything that you ask. Will you pay blindly ?


A one Billion Dollar Fund

What would you do if you were told that someone want to invest one Billion Dollar into your company?  YUP one billion USD 1,000 000 000.00 with 9 zeros




When my company started to look for a funder for our Aquaculture Project, we were expecting 20 to 25 Millions to get started.  So my boss invite a few interested funder to see our proposal and presentation.

This one Dato’ really interested and wiling to invest One BILLION USD, can you believe that? 🙂 We just like what the..

It’s 3 Billion Malaysian RInggit.,that budget is enough  for our next  Malaysian Plan.

So my boss right now is trying to check whether this man is a Tycoon or Conman. I was not in the meeting, but when my boss told the amount I was a bit  skeptical. If he is so rich why he wanted to invest such a big amount in our company. Why not start a new company, hire the best CEO in Malaysia, involve in mega projects or develop a new town 🙂 A lot of questions playing in my minds.

Rite now from only one project Aquaculture, with “One Billion” we were told to plan 50 – 60 projects, from growing paddy to manufacturing organic food hahaha

Seriously I am not sure whether this is a really BIG opportunity or a BIG scam 🙂

If he really have the money hopefully it does  not come from any Al-Qaeda network or any terrorist group 🙂

Guys, if you do not see me again in this blog, just assume me has become a millionaire or lock up in jail heheh

I was scammed by a chick!


  She host a contest last month. You post in a blog, comment and subscribe and you will earn up to 5 entry. The price is a brand new iPhone. WOW ! of course everybody will grab this opportunity, including me.

and the winner is….jeng jeng “Ray Mash”

  • with one entry,subscribe her RSS feed
  • don’t want to expose himself, no e-mail,no blog 🙂
  • just one comment

COME ON, my grand mother can do better than this. If you don’t have the money, please offer something else. Just don’t offer something extravaganza item and lastly create a GHOST to receive the price. I have entered a lot of online contest, in fact I even host my own contest worth not much USD 15. Just be sincere to your reader and don’t treat your reader like they are STUPID

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