Beware of African Internet Scammer

Student or Conman

Lately, Malaysian Immigration and Police has increased their raid to nab illegal African. From internet fraud to drug trafficking and messing with the local girl you just name it, the problem that their brought in here. Their modus operandi is simple, travel to Malaysia using student visa and find as much victim as their can.

The only reason they wan to come here is to make more money and not for knowledge. They already earn their scam degree in their country. “Nigerian Scam”, or “419 Scam” (so named because of the Section Number of Nigerian criminal law that applies to it), can be varies from fake identity on online dating to asking for money for custom clearance. Sweet talk and fake picture are their latest scam where not only Malaysian woman fall for it but also Australian woman. The Nigerian syndicate use Malaysia as their base for criminal activity. (more…)

Appreciate Your World,Sing With Me

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  • Sometime by dropping entrecard everyday,reading blog on making money online,participate in top forum and blogging make me tired. Yes really tired, mentally and physcally.Thanks to National Geographic for providing this  sweet video. That make me smile and want to sing along.

  • Sing with me guys and relax your mind

I love blogging , I love making money online..huppi yada huppi yadaaa

I love Google Adsense , I love the whole world .huppi yada huppi yadaaa

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